Here is shown 5 effective tools marketers can use to expand their reach.  

1. Market Research via Google Adwords Keyword Planning Tool

When engaging in online marketing, market research is a must. One handy tool for checking interest in a particular topic is the Google Adwords Keyword Planning ToolFound at the “keyword planning” link in the tools section, this portal shows monthly search volume for particular keywords and phrases. This can give marketers a general idea about interest in their topic. Broad search terms like “running shoes,” while having many monthly searches, are usually saturated with competition.

Targeted, niche search terms like “blue Nike running shoes,” while having less search traffic, are also less competitive; for this reason, they are much easier to create successful marketing campaigns around. One tried and true method is to, via keyword research, choose a span of niche key-phrases and create marketing material around those targeted phrases. Once marketers have their collection of marketing terms, they can create informed media campaigns.

2. Logos and Marketing Material Creation via

There was once a time when the creation of logos, banners, graphics, signage and other marketing media was only available to those who knew how to use complicated graphic software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Now, there are actually handy online tools that serve this same purpose and are much more user-friendly. Canva allows the creation of marketing material using their library of templates and a large database of user created graphics and stock photography.

Canva has drag-and-drop functionality, and it is very easy for marketers to gain inspiration by building marketing material using other users’ ideas and stylings. The use of stock photography in media is very important to creating the perception of professionalism; Canva makes this very affordable by only charging $1 for each stock image in their enormous library. Other sites charge typically charge $10 or more per image. Completed advertisements can be downloaded in various formats like jpg, png and pdf. Transparent png’s are also available – these are helpful when it comes to being able to use media against a variety of backgrounds. Canva charges $12.95 per month for access to their services, but, in the long run, this is a worthwhile investment.

3. Organic Search Traffic Creation and Reputability Boosting via Blogging

Blogging is an excellent way for marketers to increase their reputability and expand their reach via search engine indexing. Blogging costs virtually no money and only requires a little creativity from the advertiser.

Blogs help create positive business to customer relationships via the offering of free informational material to website visitors. When potential customers are able see that a business is an authority in its field, they are much more likely to buy its products and services. From the customer’s perspective, a blog helps set the stage for an environment conducive to buying; if they were on the fence, the blog may be just the catalyst that pushes them to finally make a purchase.

Blogs help expand a company’s reach via organic search traffic from search engines that they attract. Blogs, implemented correctly, are centered around topics related to the company’s mission. If the material is good, Google will index these blog posts. Once posts are indexed, they will pull in targeted traffic from individuals who already have a general interest in the site’s topic. WordPress is the gold standard for blogs: for beginners who do not know how to host their own site, they should visit, while for the more advanced who know how to properly host a site,

A company should post to their blog at least once a week and at most once a day.

4. Google Pay Per Click Ads for Immediate Traffic

Google Ads can be used by marketers with a decent marketing budget gain immediate interest in their product or service. Google Ads lets individuals create ads that display prominently next to organic search results and are served on a pay per click basis. These clicks are typically very targeted, as the searcher is essentially looking for the very thing that the ad is purporting to offer.

In the hands of someone who knows how to to use this tool, it can be very effective. However, in the hands of a beginner, it can quickly become a money-drain. The savvy marketer who knows how to turn these paid clicks into sales can use profit to buy more ads and scale their campaign. The newbie marketer can easily pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to Google Ads and not turn a profit – this is due to the fact that the advertiser did not optimize their marketing material well enough to create a worthy profit margin.

Paid, pay per click advertising in this way is fantastic for marketers who have the cash and the know how. However, with a little bit of patience, an organic search campaign via blogging if often a more cost-effective medium.

5. Craigslist Advertising

Marketers may get initially turned off by the idea of using Craigslist for their campaigns, but the fact remains that is still a high traffic site. Craigslist, while requiring an upfront investment, is much cheaper than pay per click advertising. Craiglist offers sections that are free to post in, with many areas requiring only a $5 payment for 30 day listings in a local sections. Marketers can essentially target 20 local areas for only $100 dollars. Many leads and sales can be driven using Craigslist which can help companies get off the ground and eventually scale into more lucrative advertising channels.

Craigslist is an excellent tool for those with a smaller advertising budget gain some public interest in their products and services.


The above listed are effective tools in the savvy marketers arsenal. Many companies are able to create a healthy cashflow using these media channels alone.

Best of luck in your marketing efforts!

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