Search engine optimization is, as many already know, an extremely effective form of marketing in that it leverages keyword-rich content as a way of drawing targeted traffic from search engines.  However, many would be SEOs get turned off by what seems to be too daunting of a challenge to undertake.  Yet, the allure of organic search marketing remains that fruitful efforts will yield a source of free traffic is that is targeted and ever-growing.  Here we have listed some reasons people throw the baby out with the bath water when it comes to search engine marketing – we also offer solutions to these problems to you, the avid webmaster.

1. It Takes Time to Generate an Effective Source of Organic Traffic

The problem:  As opposed to instant gratification marketing channels like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, search engine marketing is one that must mature to be profitable.  When it comes to new businesses building new sites on brand new domains, their overall lack of credibility can make them feel that Google is moving at a snail’s pace to index their publications.  Google needs a site to to prove itself as a dependable source of information before they start properly ranking its content, and they won’t begin to do that quickly enough until the site has established itself as an authority in its genre.

The solution:   If you are struggling to get your content indexed for your new site, start splitting your time between creating content and engaging in backlinking efforts.  I’ve seen firsthand, even on newer sites, that if you are able to secure some quality backlinks right out of the gate, you’ll get on the search map much faster.

Google has dropped lines over the years hinting that backlinks are going to become “less important,” yet, from what many have observed, they remain a powerful ranking factor as have been since Google’s inception.  Google still weighs a site’s links and their associate anchor texts; this is they have always found sites and discovered purpose.  As such, you should make sure to pick up high quality backlinks from sources like Youtube, Facebook, Linked-In right from the get go.  You should also set your blog to automatically post to your social media accounts.  All other forms of link building from that point forward require you to get creative in your networking efforts as you seek backlinks from authoritative sites.

2. It Requires a Commitment to Quality, Dedication and Consistency

The problem: Successful SEO efforts require one bring their best to the table.  Webmasters will not achieve much simply by releasing a few low-thought articles and then calling it a day.  It is actually quite the contrary: as search engines constantly seek to improve the search experience for their users, so the avid webmaster must continually make excellence their aim.

The solution: After your website is up and running, you should get yourself on a posting schedule.  Does Google judge frequency of posting as a ranking factor?  We really don’t know the answer.  However, as can be applied to other facets of life, doing something consistently ensures that you are always getting better at it.

You won’t always be able to know for sure which keywords and phrases are going to draw the most traffic to your site.  You should certainly stay on topic and keyword research does not hurt you; however, because there is always much ambiguity when it comes to search marketing, you should simply aim to be consistently posting excellent material – let the “chips fall as they may” in terms of how it is ultimately indexed.

3. The Most Sought after Search Terms are Competitive

The problem: The global search terms that webmasters are always dying to rank for are, at times, extraordinarily competitive.  Small fish are often competing with reputable sites that boast thousands of backlinks, huge subscriber bases and thousands of posts.  What holds true is that the most dedicated (and resourced) earn the top spots.

The solution: Don’t compete with the big guys.  Comparing yourself to them, especially when you’re getting your feet wet in SEO, is a recipe for discouragement.  The beauty of search engine marketing is that, regardless your genre, you can create your own little slice of heaven simply by providing a flavor that is uniquely your own.  As stated previously, search engines have a funny way of indexing material, and it’s tough to know exactly what’s going to go where, but you can use this to your advantage.  Rather then constantly building blog posts around one sought-after keyword, just write a bunch of posts that are uniquely you yet still in the spirit of the genre.  You may find one of your posts ranked for a search term that you hadn’t even thought of.  It’s in this way that small fish in the game can have an impact.

Also, don’t forget about those tried-and-true long tail keywords.  If you are in a less competitive market, the above listed problems are not yours.  The more niche your product or service, the easier it is to rank for those terms!

4. There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Solution to Every SEO Problem

The problem: Every industry provides its own unique set of SEO obstacles.  There’s no smoking-gun theory as to how to succeed using x, y and z method.  The fact of the matter is: webmasters oftentimes have to put their thinking caps on and formulate creative solutions to the unique problems marketing in their industry provides them with.

The solution: Get creative!  Hit many channels at once.  Don’t be a one trick pony, and definitely don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  The beauty of the uniqueness of every situation is that, via some neurons firing and pathways forming, there is always a way for you to create success in your space.  While you can’t get your site to number 1 for the term “cars for sale” overnight, you can certainly build yourself a base interested in the novelty of the products and services you are offering.

5. There are No Hard-Cut Rules, Only a Collection of Theories

The problem: Google’s ultimate aim is to create excellence in search.  Therefore, they aren’t letting anyone in on their secrets.  Anyone who espouses knowledge on the topic is theorizing at best.  This, throughout the years, has truly served the interests of Google.  The advice Google has offered in their many publications to webmasters, however, is to keep the focus on quality and to let the ingenuity of their algorithm work its magic.

The solution:The aforementioned are practices that have worked well for many throughout the years, and these are the ones that would serve you well to implement.  Since you won’t ever be able to pin down Google’s exact methodologies, you must instead focus on serving up quality information to searchers –  Google loves quality and will ultimately reward.

Good Luck Aspiring Search Engine Marketer!

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