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A successful site is multi-faceted. 

Our company works with several key web marketing elements: design, content and SEO.  Our design services work with that you can see.  Content services are about selling your site to customers and giving Google a better understanding of its purpose.  SEO is about choosing the correct keywords, coding them into your site and making sure associated content matches descriptions.  By combining these elements into a comprehensive online marketing strategy, we maximize our chances of success. Once equilibrium is obtained, or, put differently, once all the kinks are worked out, your website can become the most powerful lead generator for your business.

One thing to understand is that a website is a very complex entity. 

There is a certain science to the process of site building, and it isn’t for the faint of heart.  Why not?   It isn’t because results are never there when you want them and, when you do get them, you kick yourself for not trusting yourself initially.  Finally, after a few successes, you learn to trust your methods.  Once you see what works and what doesn’t, you define tried-and true-methods and learn to put your faith in them.  When formulating your strategy, you consider what Google tells you, what the theorists say and what your own marketing history tells you.  The online sales process itself is one that must be modified whenever deemed fit.  It’s a machine, really, and machines need to be updated to stay relevant.  Yet, at some point in the journey, we hit that “sweet spot,” where our website is seamlessly selling our products and services at the prices we envision.


Your site should look good.

A site must be aesthetically pleasing.  Your website’s look is an important element in overall brand professionalism.  While we’re not always consciously aware of it, our brains respond to order in a positive way. This is especially true when it relates to the expenditure of our hard-earned money, and we’re looking to make sure that the company we’re giving it to is up to snuff.  We want to earn visitor trust by having our site’s display reflect the best values of our company; because users make their choices quickly on the web, we must put thought into “first appearances.”  A positive visual experience is a brand qualifier and should be a reflection of the company that it represents.

Your site should be functional and easy to navigate.

A website is a fantastic way to organize and communicate relevant information about your company, due to how website code organizes data/content into hierarchy.  By organizing our data with titles, descriptions and headers, information is easily accessible and understandable to interested eyes.  Mission critical content should be highly accessible.  It should be easy for visitors to find pages that inform and communicate trust.  It is helpful if visitors know how much your products cost before they call you.  Basically, your visitor learns to trust you throughout their entire website experience.  We need to organize our site for easy transit by visitors, and, via careful design, make the message crystal clear.  Then, your website sells your products for you, and takes the load off.


It must read well.

A site must read well and keep users interested.  There are two elements to writing for SEO.  One is that you are writing to garner search engine indexing for desirable search terms.  The other is that you are writing to sell your product.  In the early stages of your website, it is more important that you focus on the latter, as organic SEO results take time to achieve fruition.  Optimizing content for SEO after writing a piece really isn’t that difficult – as long as we have written closely to our topic, including necessary keywords will be an easy and natural task.

Content is king.

The power of content in website marketing cannot be understated.  This is because effective use of language boosts both search engine and visitor understanding of your website.  You need search engines to understand your site so they can send you the best traffic; you need your visitors to understand you because, well, they are your potential customers.  The more quality and topic-relevant information you publish to your site, the greater and more refined your data field becomes; search engines, constantly scanning this, will gradually build an intuitive, intrinsic understanding of your site.  Plus, quality content is a brand qualifier that can, if created well, work wonders for selling/pre-selling what you offer.


Be Found.

A site must be designed to be found by Google searchers.  This process is called search engine optimization or “SEO.”  Google gives credibility to sites that contain quality information relevant to the keywords they advertise.  Our strategy is to match thoughtful content to carefully chosen keywords in an effort to increase the interest level of our average site visitor.    Your site should also be coded with “meta” data: coding that gives search engines a brief overview of each individual web page – this information helps visitors and search engines understand your site better.


Without optimizing its meta details, even excellent content may never be found.  If we don’t target keywords that are actually searched for, we will not be seen by many eyes.  SEO is about carefully applying meta descriptors to our pages as to facilitate the viewership of the most targeted, most interested searchers.  It is also about choosing the correct keywords.  These are factors that, if ignored, will send our message into oblivion. It is all about the content, yes, but without additional SEO consideration, we won’t get very far.  Good SEO combines proper coding application with solid market research.  Correct execution draws interested eyes to relevant information – a win win.

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