Web hosting is a necessary component in web development.

All pages on the internet have their data stored on physical servers or server ranges.  Technically, anyone can host a site from home using their own equipment; however, this requires that, for the site to be operational, the computer or server hosting it must always be on.  This is simply not practical for the average site builder.

What the majority of webmasters do is outsource their site’s necessary files to a web hosting company.  These companies have a large amount of servers that they share out to the general public for a monthly or yearly fee.  Not only that, these companies are designed to be fault-tolerant, which means that they are prepared with backup equipment if and when there are server failures.  This gives peace of mind to webmasters, especially those that have a business set up around their web presence.

Web hosting firms typically offer multiple service level options to clients.  Clients can choose different options depending on what their site’s needs are.  A basic business website is only going to need base-level hosting which is, nowadays, relatively cheap.  Sites that are very large and receive a great deal of traffic are going to cost more in hosting; this is due to the fact that there is greater demand for the hosting server’s resources.  Most reputable hosting companies are flexible and allow webmasters to start at the bottom level and upgrade when their sites require more resources.

Choosing a Hosting Company

While it is common practice for site-builders to outsource file hosting, it does put their site’s necessary data in the hands of an outside agency.  This makes it all-the-more necessary that they do a bit of research before jumping in.  There are many agencies that have developed a decent reputation over the years.  These companies, which you may already know the name of, are:


Network Solutions





HWS recommends HostGator.  (Hostgator Review) HWS’s site is hosted via HostGator as they are tremendously reputable.  HostGator has been around for years, they have chat support available round-the-clock, their prices are cheap, they have scalable solutions and a they have a straightforward interface.  Their shared hosting is very speedy, and this base package is sure to serve webmasters quite a bit before they need to upgrade.  Many sites can be housed on one shared hosting account providing the user has the necessary plan.

HostGator is the best in the business, and we offer our recommendation.

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