Harmonic Web Solutions is a Content Marketing Agency

content marketing agencyWe are a content marketing agency that creates powerful SEO content on behalf of agencies in many different industries.  We field this important element of organic search engine marketing while you focus on running your business.  Content marketing is an excellent approach to securing search engine real estate and building site equity.

The Power of Content in Search Engine Optimization

Content marketing is superior to pay-per-click.

content marketing agencyContent marketing does not rely on paid, pay-per-click advertising but rather focuses on the creation of quality content as its strategy to increase search engine exposure.  Search engines like Google are in search of valuable content they can serve up to users of their engines.  The more targeted content they can offer to their users, the greater becomes the perceived credibility of their platforms.  We capitalize on this dynamic by being the creators of the very content that Google is looking to serve to their users.

Content marketing is a long term approach to online marketing.

content marketing agencyWhat scares many off from organic content marketing is the fact that it takes time to achieve results.  There are many variables that determine how well a particular publication is going to rank in search engine results: the age of the domain, the competitiveness of its targeted key-phrase, the length of the content and many other factors.  Since we don’t always know exactly what is going to work, the idea is to be consistent and varied with our content creation – this way, we maximize our chances of getting ranked for many long-tail terms.

Content marketing creates a consistent source of site traffic.

content marketing agencyContent ranked well by Google often becomes a consistent stream of targeted, profitable search traffic for a business.  Ranked content remains a fixture until a competitor’s content exceeds its rank.  While we can’t always prevent this from happening, by consistently releasing quality content, we keep ourselves ahead of the curve with an attrition based strategy.

Our content marketing agency uses keyword rich content to expand your company’s reach.

Keyword Research

content marketing agencyKeyword research is an import facet of content marketing.  The idea is to carefully choose the keywords that relevant and targeted.

Let’s take a web design business an an example.

The search term “web design” gets over 100k search queries monthly.  As a web design company, one would think that this would be our primary key-phrase.  However, due to its heavy search volume, there exists stiff competition for it on the first few pages of search results.  For a new web design company, this would be a daunting task that would take years to achieve fruition.

And there is a caveat here.  “Web design” is also a generic term.  That means that people typing in “web design” aren’t necessarily looking to hire an agency.  Rather, they may be seeking educational material on how they themselves can become web developers.

The long-tail approach is superior.

content marketing agencyThe happy medium is long-tail terms.  They are less competitive and more targeted.  “Web Design Agency” and “Hire Web Design Agency” are much better terms for this type of business – someone typing in these terms and clicking through to our site is a much a hotter lead than one who had simply queried the generic term.  This is the approach we will use with your own business.  The targeted the better – even if laser targeting leads to fewer clicks, these clicks are still exponentially more valuable than clicks from generic terms.

HWS is a Content Marketing Agency You can Depend On

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