ContentContent Writing writing services are offered by our firm to provide unique, SEO optimized articles written to hand-picked keyword phrases.  Every business that desires organic traffic needs to be posting powerful, keyword optimized articles.  The more quality articles produced, the more incoming traffic will be routed from relevant search queries onto your site.  We do the keyword research and, if you desire, can even post to your blog on your behalf.

Content Writing Services for Target Search Terms

Content WritingTo be most effective, the articles we write will be on topics that have the best chance of attracting readers already interested in what you are offering.  The more focused our topics and keywords are, the greater chance the traffic they attract will ultimately convert into customers.

So what does that look like for your business?  Truth is, you may not need a flood of traffic to hit your sales targets – 100 targeted site visitors is worth more than 1000 visitors who found your site by mistake.

Someone looking to buy a blue classical guitar is much more likely to purchase from a link titled “Blue Classical Guitars for Sale” as opposed to “Guitars for Sale.”  While the latter may boast being able to bring in more traffic, the former boasts convertibility.  Therefore, “bigger is better” is not necessarily what we are going for here – rather, we are going after the phrases determined to be most relevant to your business’s unique offerings.

Blog Writers for Hire

Content WritingOur authors know how important quality content writing is.  Quality content is “food” for the search engines – they are on the prowl for it 24/7.  They are rather fussy, however, as their “taste” is for share-worthy content found from proven sources.  As they’ve improved their search algorithm, they have become much better at distinguishing quality from spam.

As content marketers, our best bet is to create our publications to be most appealing to the refined “tastes” of search engines.  They are attracted to novelty, relevance and readability.  They are repelled from duplicated, low-thought content.  Typically, if we write from the heart and also from personal experience, the results are good.  Sincerity goes a long way, even if we write on topics we aren’t initially familiar with.

Content Writing Services from Harmonic Web Solutions

We offer our blog writers’ creative abilities as part of our suite of SEO services here at Harmonic Web Solutions.  To see pricing and a list of our services, please see our pricing page.

Getting your material indexed by Google takes time, so it makes sense to start “watering the proverbial garden,” if you will, now for results that are sure to come later.

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