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Quality page content is quintessential.

Fresh Content

contentUnique, thoughtful content helps a site gain authority by providing search engines with quality reference material.  However, it also helps sell our products and services by improving visitor trust with qualifying language.

While in a site’s early stages, link building efforts are definitely helpful; however, the creation of quality content is of greater importance to your business.  We need to be forward thinking, relying on the belief that Google, a network and index of human work, is going to eventually and naturally award credibility to sites that are offering relevance and quality to human searchers.  We need to help Google properly index our material by being the creators of content that offers these values.

Content is an excellent tool for selling or pre-selling our services and takes some leg work out of this aspect of business.  Yet, if we can get people onto our site but can’t sell our products, we are wasting our time.  Via data study and given time, we are able to see what’s working and what’s not; we can see where visitors are getting stuck in the sales process and make improvements based on our findings.

Quality web content is the quintessential element of our online marketing strategy

The Blog

contentOur website’s first-line marketing segment is the blog.  Blog posts are written for and optimized to terms that our target audience is querying when in search of something we offer.  We are, essentially, marketing to the terms and to our target audience at the same time.  We initially choose a set of long-tail keywords, discovered from market research, to create content around.

As our site collects content, our data field becomes larger and more refined, and Google is constantly exploring and contextualizing this data for indexing purposes.  We can use Google’s webmaster tools to tap into this information and develop interesting keyword marketing ideas; we can also get an idea of how Google is understanding our site.

Blog posts can be considered “stage one” in your overall marketing process.  The sales process on your website will manifest itself as a series of stages, with the process eventually terminating at the actual sale event.  Yet, from the blog post to sale, there are additional steps in between, and they all involve content.  Why is this?  This is because some visitors need to read more qualifying material before they are able to trust a brand.

The blog starts the process but we also need to be …

Creating The Sales Funnel with Content

Thank you to HubSpot for teaching me many new marketing concepts and linking in.

We build our website content to serve as cogs in a machine that bring visitors forward in the sales process.  Now, we do data analysis to get an understanding of what actions visitors are taking on our site.  We find out which pages they started out on, where they went from there and, finally, where they were when they left.  If, after data study, we discover that many of our visitors are exiting on one particular page, we know exactly where to improve our content to improve sales.

Content we place on our site deemed a stage 2 or 3 in this process must be thoughtful, and we must always be willing to change this material if thought necessary to improving the efficacy of the sales process.  Content can be used to attract, but we must also use content to inform and establish trust.  A pricing or service page is a stage 2/3 role.  Pages which they call “evergreen,” or mission instrumental, prominently advertised pages, are trust-building stage 2/3 elements.

Harmonic Web Solutions’ Content Creation Services

contentLet us handle the content creation aspect of your business.

Harmonic Web Solutions offers content creation services as different package plans.  Will will post to your site on your behalf as well as link posts to your social media accounts.  We do all of the keyword research and data mining on your behalf.  We write to make your site an indispensable resource to the web.

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