We provide web design and logo creation services.

For a website to be successful, it should be well designed.

It must look attractive to the eyes.  It must be simple to navigate.  The more comfortable a user feels, the better the chance they will buy what our site is selling.  “What makes for a good aesthetic?”  An aesthetically pleasing site is arranged in such a way that it doesn’t create unnecessary stress on the viewer and communicates the company’s message clearly and concisely.  The color scheme should create a feeling of comfort and order and important pages should be easily accessible.  The site should be easy to navigate and its message should be easily understood.

As users choose as to whether or not they trust your brand in a matter of seconds, these details are important.  Your site’s aesthetic is a brand qualifier, as consumers have certain expectations that stem from associating imagery with good experiences.  If your site is gaudy and difficult to understand, users will quickly leave to find something less troubling.  While creating a solid website, we combine thoughtful design with quality content and search engine optimization; however, we can give a boost to our brand’s credibility with appearance alone.

Responsive Web Design

The use of smartphones and mobile devices has changed the internet and the world of e-commerce.  We see with our eyes and understand with our common sense that the web is being accessed from mobile at a growing rate.  As such, the need for “responsive” website code, or code that makes a website automatically adapt its formatting for optimal view on a varying array of screen sizes, is paramount to getting your name in front of the largest audience.

A responsive site looks great on smartphones, tablets and desktops alike, maximizing your chances of grabbing the attention of each and every site hit.  If a site is designed to only look good on computer screens, you are shorting yourself all of the users that will find your site via mobile.  We design our sites with computers, tablets and smartphones in mind and cross-check our formatting against the three.

Logo Design

An attractive logo bolsters a brand’s credibility, instantly displaying professionalism and purpose.  A logo should qualify and summarize a business in a thoughtful way.  Your logo should also blend well with the rest of your site’s theme.  It should be prominent in such a way that it clearly sends the message it needs to send while simultaneously blending with the rest of the site’s elements.

When designing our logos, we are listening to our clients.  This is crucial, because a logo should aim to capture the essence of a company; this trial and error process of adding digital “tangibility” to intangible values can only be accomplished via healthy, comprehensive and honest communication with our clients.  We know we like our stuff to look good, and we know you do too.

The User Experience

If creating an awesome user-experience is the goal, an engaging, easy-to-understand and easy-to-navigate website is the path.  Your site should guide customers naturally from one page to the next in a series of qualifying and trust building stages, terminating at sales and happy customers.  It should be easy for a user to discover important points on your site: pages which serve to communicate brand trustworthiness.

A user ascertains that the atmosphere created by the website experience will extend into their experience as a customer.  Your own site should be set to up to earn repeat customers, not just make quick, gimmicky sales.  Not only is it poor practice to create a low-thought, “salesy” site, we are actually cheating ourselves of future business by aligning our website to secure only one sale per customer.  It is, therefore, our mission to create the entire site experience to be one that sets the stage for long term business.  We should never be afraid to alter the flow of the sales process if it is to the ultimate benefit of the buyer/seller relationship.

In the interests of earning repeat customers, it is important that a positive site experience ports over to a positive customer experience.

Harmonic Web Solutions

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