Hire a blogger from Harmonic Web Solutions.  We will write custom crafted SEO articles written to search terms hand selected to get your business targeted site traffic.  Once written, we will automatically post articles up on your blog, so you can focus on the operations of your business.  The biggest brands are using search engine marketing to excellent effect, so why aren’t you?

Hire a Blogger

Hire a BloggerWe offer turn-key set-and-forget solutions to getting unique content written and up on your blog on a standardized posting schedule.  We do all the keyword research and make sure your articles are not only informational but designed to target the phrases your business will gain the most benefit from.  Long tail keyword phrases are our primary target, as these have less competition and higher target value.  The more targeted our organic traffic, the easier it is to convert it.  Hire a blogger that artfully applies creativity with SEO understanding to their writing.

Blog Writers for Hire

Hire a BloggerOur writers are creative.  We know that keyword focus is not the all-encompassing facet of search engine writing.  Publications must also be written to engage and edify the end user.  We know bounce-rates are an important Google metric, so we must keep users on our page and wanting more.  Our rule of thumb is to write to the Google robots while simultaneously writing to actual human readers – this multifaceted approach is key to any worthy SEO campaign.

Buy Articles

Hire a BloggerPurchase articles from us in a custom posting schedule format.  See our pricing page to get a better understanding of cost.  SEO articles are an excellent way to get your business listed on Google.  If the niche is right and the publication is deemed to be of quality, listings will be a continual source of traffic for your site.  Paid advertising like Facebook and Google Ads is a one time, often costly shot at converting traffic.  Organic search advertising aims to keep your traffic high and consistent – with enough quality articles amassed in Google’s index, targeted traffic will ultimately convert to sales.

Niche Related Concerns

Hire a BloggerNiche: If you do business in a field that is unique and mostly targets local traffic, achieving immediately effective SEO results is achievable.  Typically, a few articles with optimized titles, descriptions and headers to your target keyword is enough to get you within the first few pages very quickly.

Broad: Broad targeting is always more competitive and requires a bigger time/resource investment to achieve for.  This is where our long tail strategy becomes paramount – while we can’t expect to rank for competitive phrases overnight, if we play with the phrases themselves, we can rank for unique terms that are often more valuable than the broad matches they are derived from.

Hire Content Writers

Harmonic Web Solutions is an SEO firm you can trust.  Get your business the viewership it needs to grow and be an effective force in its space.  Partner with a team that knows the SEO space and can get you the results you need to build your virtual presence.