Promoting your business online is achieved via the creation of attractive marketing material and quality site content.


Your actual website has to look good.  This goes without saying.  Packaging is everything.  Many companies are selling the same products, but successful companies are marketing these same products in a most appealing way.  Successful branding is accomplished by giving careful consideration to the needs and wants of your potential buyer; while this may seem redundant or obvious, it is something that many marketers miss.

By thinking like your buyer, it actually becomes easier to think of a potent marketing strategy.  Also, considering your own wants is helpful.  What is it that I like to see?  What kind of products do I buy?  What kinds of companies do I trust?  By thinking in this way you can properly market yourself to be found by the customers that you want.

Your site’s look conveys a message.  You want this message to be one that gets you business.  You should tailor your site’s aesthetic to make people want to do business with your company.


I always get asked by clients who already have a website: how do I promote myself?  It it helpful to start writing your own blog.  Google rewards sites that have easy-to-read, quality material and are actively posting.  By staying active in your space via consistent blogging, over time your site will attract more traffic.

A blog is an incredible supplement to an existing site in that it boosts your credibility to prospective customers.  But it does something else: it also gives search engines more material to include in their index.  The more quality posts your blog contains, the more of your site will be included in popular search engines’ indices.  Once your site is indexed, the flow of traffic to your site will be continuous and free.  The secret to achieving this traffic is quality and consistency.

Bloggers can post anywhere from one to three times a week to be effective.  Blog posts should be engaging, informative and readable.  You must write to people, not to robots.  Ironically, the Google robots are able to pick up on text that is robotic.  Google does not want to serve search results that are bland.  Search engine technology tracks visitor behavior, so if search engines track high visitor engagement on your site, your site will do better in the rankings.  The trick is to write to your prospective customer while also giving thought to the quality that Google is looking to serve their searchers.

Promoting Your Business Online

Online promotion is a process that requires patience, consistency and determination.  Results will not come overnight, but the work put in will be worthwhile.

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