When it comes to SEO, blogs are an absolute must.  Why is this?  Blogs are traffic generators.  Unique content is what search engines like to index, and a blogs purpose to create this content.  A blog that has been given proper attention, as in the webmaster or author has consistently been posting to it, will have its posts found in search results more often.  This has a snowball effect, as the more unique content a website has, the more vast its indexing in the search engines.  This is a process that times, as search engines like Google need to first gain trust in the source; this credibility is established via quality and consistency.

Managed Blogs vs Self-Hosted Blogs

Technical know how is a plus but not a requirement.  WordPress is a powerful platform that comes in two flavors.  One is found at WordPress.com which is a managed blog solution; this option is better for the novice that does not have knowledge about domains and web hosting.  The other is found at WordPress.org which is a self-hosted blog solution; this option is better for those that know how to host their own website.

The advantage to self-hosting a blog is that the author will be posting from their own top-level domain like ilikeblogs.com.  The managed blog would look something like ilikeblogs.wordpress.com.  This isn’t necessarily a disadvantage – good authors are going to be picked up by Google no matter what the source.  However, bloggers who own and post from their own top-level domain are simply seen as more authoritative.

Topic Variety

What is fantastic about blogging is that it is open to nearly everybody.  Not everyone is good at everything, but you can rest assured that everyone has expertise in at least a few things.  This means that the average Joe can start blogging from the comfort of his own home, blog about topics that he has knowledge in and, as a result, get traffic to his page.

A company can take advantage of blogs by hiring authors that have expertise in the product or services they are offering.  The writer knows the topic, so the content will be quality.  Search engines have the tools to recognize the quality, and the pages will be indexed.

A Powerful Tool

A successful web presence isn’t just set-and-forget; it must be maintained.  Like a flower planted in a garden, it must be attended to.  The end-results of a blog are worth the wait.

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