As a blogger, writer’s block crops up from time to time.  You know that you need plenty of quality blog articles to get the traffic needed to monetize your site – when you are in a genre, however, you’re bound to get burnt out on its topic from time to time.  How do you overcome this very real obstacle in the blogger’s journey?

Take a Break and Promote Your Site

In addition to quality postings, your blog needs backlinks so Google deems entries reputable and ranks them higher in search.  On days that you are having trouble getting the creative juices flowing, it’s good to sit back and engage in some needed blog promotion.  Now, as I’ve discussed in the past, an excellent blog will pick up backlinks by “osmosis,” as new visitors find your site and can’t help but link back to its excellent content.

However, when your blog is young and hurting for traffic, it doesn’t hurt to engage in some manual promotion.  There are many sources to get free, quality backlinks from.  Additionally, here is list of places you can list your business for free: Free Business Listings.  These free listings aren’t worth much to the seasoned blogger because the links are relatively un-targeted.  However, when a blog is trying to get itself on the map, the relative authority of these sites make them worth their weight in gold.

Gaining “real” backlinks requires networking skills.  Any site worth its weight in salt knows that a backlink from them is valuable and will, in many cases, want something in return.  It will take a touch of creativity, early on in the game, to gain these backlinks while holding limited resources.

While Google has its own proprietary metrics for deeming sites reputable and providing them priority in search rankings, certain agencies have developed metrics that are fairly reliable in judging a sites “value.” allows you to punch in any site and get values like “Page Rank” and “Domain Authority.”  While Google does not use these measurements themselves, they can act as a litmus test when determining your own sites value, or determining the value of a potential site that you are trying to gain a backlink from.

Purchase Content from

When you’re the owner of just one brain, you have limited creative abilities.  Why not contract out some of your writing?  This way, you are tapping into a network of brains to help you further your efforts. allows you to release a title for a blog entry to an entire network of hungry authors.  They have a tiered author quality system which rates authors from 2 to 5 stars.  2 stars is the absolute lowest quality, whereas as 5 stars borders on professional writing.

2 stars may be barely legible and require too much editing to be worth purchasing.  5 stars, while of excellent quality, may be too expensive.  I recommend only hiring 3 and 4 star authors, with 4 stars being my personal “sweet spot.”  With a 3 star article, you may need to proof read.  This is still ok, however, because even though you may have to correct some grammar and logic, you have still tapped into another brain of resource.  This way, you can keep a blog on topic while still being fresh and varied.

If I’ve got some extra money to throw around, what I’ll do is purchase 10 short articles from TextBroker in line with the topic of my blog.  In a period of 24-48 hours, the articles are complete.  I move all of the articles into Google Docs, with the assumption they will need to be edited before I post them.  Then, each day, I work on one of these articles and post it.  Yes, it usually takes time to edit and make it match the overall flavor of the blog, but the beauty of it is that the author has already done much of the mental “legwork” – you simply need to ornament and edit.

Never Stop Brainstorming

Insight begin long before you start typing at your computer.  Sometimes, you’re subconsciously formulating new ideas while you sleep.

The key is to take occasional breaks from writing to give your brain a chance to formulate new possibilities.  Don’t rush the process, and don’t worry that you won’t be able to come up with anything.  Ideas will come.  Just flow with it and trust your abilities.

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