Taking an active, thoughtful approach to search engine optimization means that you can make more gains in a shorter timespan vs. the typical, set-and-forget approach.  Yet, when people put the word “aggressive” along side of “SEO,” they may have, as a first instinct, the idea of spam.  This is not the type of marketing strategy that I am advocating.  Rather, I am advocating an ambitious plan of attack that splits time creating with time promoting.  When you get burnt out on one aspect of the plan, you move on to the other – so on and so forth.  Both components are necessary to quickly getting your site up on the map and stepping, rather than inching, toward your goal.

Create – Spend Half Your Time Creating

You must create content to gain organic traffic.

Create and Perfect Your Blog’s Aesthetic and Basic SEO Setup

I advocate setting up a nice WordPress (self hosted) blog.  WordPress is the gold standard for blogging, as it is set up nicely out of the gate from an SEO perspective and offers access to a gigantic repertoire of open source, user-created plugins.  You will have absolute control over your site and be able to place it on its own domain.  Get a theme, free or otherwise, that you feel looks attractive and spend time perfecting your site’s aesthetic.  You really only have to do this once – it is still important, however, as the professional look of your blog will increase credibility in your readers’ eyes.

Download and install the Yoast plugin, which is currently the most popular WordPress plugin in its genre.  Spend time playing with Yoast so you can establish a format in which Google will index your material.  This is another setup element you should only need to do once yet is still of vital importance. You want search engines to index your material in a standardized format so keywords stand prominent.

Get on a Schedule Posting Well Thought Out, Keyword Focused Content

Everyone has a limited amount of energy they can expend each day between sleeps.  What I’m going to say is that if you can create a quality article every day, you should.  The more content you have, the more of it will be indexed and the more likely users are to find you in that variety.  Yet, as should go without saying, you do not want to sacrifice quality in the endeavor.  If you must slow down in the interests of preserving quality, by all means to do so.  You should, at the very least, be posting regularly at whatever interval is most comfortable for you.

Keywords are important.  Google is, after all, a piece of software – an engine – even, if you will, a robot.  Yet, we mustn’t forget that this is a robot that knows how to clarify content quality and direct searchers toward the best experiences.  We all know from our own use that Google is doing an excellent job at this.  So, the idea is to have a generalized keyword or phrase to act as the overall spirit of a particular publication.  If more attention is placed on it than that, you may forget that you are trying to win over real people in your blogging efforts.

Place your target keyword in your post headers, first few sentences and, of course, titles, but don’t go insane pining over keyword density and other robotic metrics.  The best bloggers know to write well to their ideal reader and let search engines pick up their content in the magical way that search engines do.  Google is placing all of their resources and focus on enhancing the user experience – you would do well to do the same.

Promote – Spend Half Your Time Promoting

You must promote your content to speed up indexing and expand reach.

Connect Your Blog with Social Media Accounts

Use social media to your advantage.  Personally, I would rather live under a nice big rock and just enjoy nature for the rest of my life – if I could, that is.  Yet, in this society, we must connect, cooperate and coordinate to survive and succeed.  So get social.  Linked In and Facebook are the big ones.  Start creating your business network.  Create company pages where you can – these build trust with the search engines and offer free authoritative backlinks to new sites.

If you are using a WordPress site, which you should, there is an exceptional plugin that offers a comprehensive set of site promoting features known as Jetpack.  One of its powerful functions allows you to connect your social media accounts to your WordPress blog.  This way, it can automatically publish new blog posts onto all your connected social media accounts.  This is an awesome add-on to your blog in that it lets you engage in the most important facet of your marketing strategy, blogging, while at the same time publicizing your material to a growing network.

Earn Some Backlinks

Gaining backlinks is a crucial element in any SEO campaign.  Without backlinks, even a totally useful site artfully tailored to accommodate users and boasting of share-worthy content will simply not be found.  Google uses backlinks as a method of site discovery and a factor in site ranking.  Therefore, earning backlinks should become an integral part of your overall search engine marketing strategy.

By leveraging social media, you will already have, right off the bat, some quality backlinks.  Any new links from the point on require outside the box thinking and an affinity for networking.  The best types of backlinks are those that are from relevant (as in – in line with your niche) and authoritative sources.  Getting backlinks from reputable sources means making partnerships with other entities in your genre.  If you are, however, consistently pushing out thoughtful content, your content will be syndicated, and you will be linked to.

Keep Score

Pat yourself on the back every once in awhile.  When you’re early on in the game, you’re probably the only one who is going to do it!  Keep track of your site stats.  It is nice to see steady growth over time – it’s one of those things that really keeps you going when you’re in the trenches.

Jetpack Stats

Another Jetpack feature is real time site statistic tracking.  Jetpack updates its statistics automatically every half hour offering you a dynamic view of your site’s performance.

Google Search Console Stats

Getting your site connected with Google Search Console is another must.  In addition to allowing you to submit sitemaps and request new content to be indexed, Google Search Console offers valuable site analytical data that displays the queries searchers are making to find you.

Don’t Forget:

above all, there is no greater traffic type than organic search.  Organic search success means that the people who want to follow, work with and buy from you are going to find you via search.  In business, we always are always faced with the challenge of seeking out those who would find benefit in our innate gifts.  We know they exist – it is, obviously, a very big world.  Yet, we always seem to have trouble finding them. Organic search marketing is a way of creating channels to ensure that the right kind of people find us.

Good Luck!

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