HWS is an Internet Marketing Company

internet marketing companyHarmonic Web Solutions is an internet marketing company capable of helping your company earn new customers and create new connections across the web.  Internet marketing is a suite of tools that we use to gain exposure and, subsequently, traffic to your website.  The internet grew from a niche tool to a worldwide, unstoppable force in a relatively short time frame – now, it exists as one of the most effective modern marketing engines.  It makes sense for businesses seeking growth to make use of the globe’s dominant media channel.

Our online marketing techniques are a content driven strategy, a paid advertising strategy or a combination of both.

Content Driven Internet Marketing

internet marketing companyThoughtful use of language can be put to good use on the web.  As search engines, by and large, rank sites based on the quality of their content, the importance of including effective language on our own websites becomes apparent.  Google, Yahoo and Bing, the three most popular search engines, are in the business of indexing web pages across the net – the way they rank a page is based on the authority of its source and its content’s relevance to a user’s search query.  We must create our content with clarity of intention to secure rank in search results.

A content driven strategy means that we consistently post unique articles, relevant to your industry, onto your website .  The idea is to focus each of these articles around a keyword or key phrase pertinent to your industry – content is written to keep the reader engaged, provide them with important information and enhance their perception of our brand.  We earn real estate in search results and equity in our brand by being the publishers of content that meets the expectations of modern search.

Content marketing efforts require a time-investment to mature to fruition, as search engines tend to take their time indexing a site’s content – this is especially true if the website is brand new.

…therefore, content marketing, while extremely powerful when executed correctly, is a forward-thinking, long-term business strategy.

Paid Forms of Advertising

internet marketing companyOur company also makes use of paid advertising media like Google Adwords, Facebook pay-per-click and Craiglist paid listings.  These channels, while more short-lived and less lucrative than effective content marketing, are a good tool for businesses seeking immediate results.

Paid advertising, in the wrong hands, is a money pit; therefore, it must be executed conservatively.  Because there exist many variables in what makes casual web surfers actually want to buy our products, a testing period is required where we discover what works and what does not.

…paid advertising slims down our profit margins yet does not require the same time investment of organic search marketing.  Therefore, we can put it to good use.

Combining These Channels

internet marketing companyWhat we like to do is combine paid advertising with organic search content marketing.  With each article that is created, we can utilize paid techniques to drive keyword traffic to each page.  This technique helps our conversion rates, because each publication is already centered around a chosen phrase – we simply port this over to paid advertising channels targeting the same keywords we targeted in organic search.

…combining channels means meeting your short term goals while still planning for the future.

Harmonic Web Solutions’ Internet Marketing Company

Take a look at our blog to see how content marketing works for our own website.  As you’ll see, we searched out the keywords, phrases and variants deemed highly targeted to our mission.  We can do the same thing for your company.

Let’s start a conversation and earn you some new business.