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Harmonic Web Solutions is a logo design company that creates professional emblems for businesses.

The Place of Logos in Modernity

logo design companyA logo isn’t just a name or an icon, a logo is the face of a company.  Logos can be found on letterheads, billboards, vehicles and other tangible media.  More recently, however, with the widespread adoption of the smartphone, logos have gained an even broader reach – people now carry dozens of brand icons wherever they go, literally, physically interacting with these symbols in a way never before possible. As for the Facebooks, Twitters, SnapChats and Ubers of the world, customers are having strong relationships not just with the brands, but with the symbols that represent them.

In this reality, the application of logos transcend digital-centricity.  Almost any consumer facing business, however analog its products or services, must reckon with a communication environment partly defined by app buttons and social media avatars. This is one reason that certain brand identities will contain a larger set of visual and verb Cancel al signifiers that eventually become ubiquitous in our lives.

The Proverial Stickage of a Good Logo

logo design companyMany of these logos seem pretty much indestructible.  Logo design with multicolor gradients or complex effects is relatively simple in the digital environment; a good example of one such logo is the chromatic color field that makes Instagram’s current icon look excellent digitally.  Instagram’s is just the latest manifestation of how changing technology has influenced identity design, which involves a particular mix of artistry and corporate style exactitude.

When considering design,  a logo design company should consider a myriad of factors; designers must create to conceptualize a company’s personality, goals, visions and values.  There are topics they should consider such as symbolism, style, typography, relationship, and color. When using symbolism, they must clarify and identify the meanings behind the icons via the design itself.  Typography involves the typed faces used in the logo. Color is also important; the colors used in logos should be uniquely put together to attract the eye while being sure to maintain a set theme. A logo should create a nice flow that compliments the surrounding media; when things are in order and easy to understand, viewers will be inclined to engage.

Our Logo Design Company Will Help Water Your Growing Business

logo design companyAs they are an excellent compliment to a website or online media application, digital logos are everywhere.  They represents a company’s summary image and can be an excellent tools in an emerging online businesses arsenal.  Those looking to have their online presence expand should hire a competent logo design company to help them create their brand.

Our logo design services will boost your company’s image of professionalism by way of effective aesthetics.  A custom logo costs $100.  We provide you with several potential logos until we find the one you like best.  We will then provide your logo in several different formats to best suit your needs.