Logo design services are offered by Harmonic Web Solutions aimed to enhance the image of your company with attractive summary imagery.

The Important Elements of a Professional Logo to Boost Brand Image

A professional logo can make or break a product or service brand. A logo is a symbolic announcement of the business offering.

A logo “speaks” in color, size, depth and style to the nature of the product or service.  A professional logo is an immediate identification of your business and should communicate its message quickly.  Most of all, you want your brand image to match the spirit of your business.

There are several important elements a professional logo should have to boost brand image.

These include:

. Unique design

. Attractive message

. Quality content

. Memorable contact information

. Durability

. Continuity of use

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Logos and Brand Ranking

In order to incorporate the most important elements into a professional logo, it is necessary to consider competitive ranking. Logos should be able to communicate a professional message that elevates your brand ranking online and off.  This is one reason to employ the logo design services of a firm with reliable skills and experience.

Logos represent the business, products, services or entrepreneur.  Attention should be placed on on how to best enhance a brand’s image. For example, professional logos for lawyers, doctors and accountants draw wider audiences when they have a formal appearance.  Musicians and artists may find that a more casual logo speaks to their target market.

Boost a Brand with our Professional Logo Design Services

Depending on the type of brand, simple logo designs tend to grab lasting attention.  Tastefulness and balance are key.  Overdoing it may force the viewer to process too many things at once thus having the message become lost in translation.  A bare minimum approach may also be detrimental by failing to create an image of professionalism.

The professional look depends on the specific audience the brand is directed toward, type of retailers and advertising placement. 

Logo Placement

When color, unique design and optical images are well focused to a target market, the professional logo can expand to other facets of business advertising.


A logo looks great on the side of a vehicle, coupled with attractive web design, on promotional material or in emails.  It helps establish a brand by having an image coincide with the professional products and services your business offers.  We want our logos to create a positive impression in the viewers mind wherever and whenever they are seen; this helps us to establish trust in our brand, bring in new customers and create repeat business.

Professional Logo Design Services from Harmonic Web Solutions

A custom logo costs $100.  We provide you with several potential logos until we find the one you like best.  We will then provide your logo in several different formats to best suit your needs.

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