We are an Online Marketing Company

online marketing companyHarmonic Web Solutions is an online marketing company that utilizes several channels to maximize the exposure of your company’s website to the public.  Via organic search content marketing and paid advertising channels, we can help you bring new, targeted leads to your sales pitch.  The world wide web is the most powerful media channel in the world, as such, smart companies are advertising here.

Let’s answer:

What online marketing strategies do you use?

We use SEO content marketing, paid promotions or a combination of both.

SEO Content Marketing

online marketing companySEO content marketing is the marketing of our website to search engines with engaging content centered around subject phrases.  These target phrases are hand picked in collaboration with our clients as deemed to be relevant to their industry and targeted toward those most likely to buy from them.  SEO content aims to be ranked high by search engines, creating a long-term stream of traffic from highly relevant search queries.  SEO results are powerful but do require a time investment to become manifest.

SEO content marketing is our long-term online marketing strategy.

Paid Promotions

online marketing company

Paid promotions are channels like Google Adwords, Facebook pay per click and Craigslist paid listings.  These channels aren’t nearly as lucrative as organic search marketing, yet, they are valuable in the sense that they are capable of gaining needed short term results.  We manage paid promotional campaigns for our clients which include keyword and market research.

Utilizing paid promotional channels is our short-term online marketing strategy.

Combinatory Strategies

online marketing companyCombining the former strategies is an ambitious internet marketing initiative.  Combining means results in the short term and results in the long term.  One technique we use to combine techniques is, if running a Google Adwords campaign, we can create unique paid ads for unique keyword phrases that we have already created an SEO “landing page” for.  In other words, the keyword focused content is already there, and now we are creating a paid ad focusing the same keyword.  This way, we can ensure efficiency in converting traffic into sales.

Combining techniques means a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

HWS is an Online Marketing Company

Our expertise is in creating and promoting virtual web space.  Partner with our company and let’s grow together – as we will be adding you to our network and portfolio, your success is naturally seen as our own.  View our blog to see SEO content marketing in action.

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