Our Prices

Web Design

Nowadays, if your business is without a website, you are missing out on countless sales opportunities.  Our web design services will provide you with an attractive website to increase your business’s credibility and expand its reach.

Basic Website

  • Wordpress Website Setup
  • Logo Design
  • SEO Setup
  • Connect Social Media Accounts

Advanced Website

  • All Basic Features
  • E-Commerce Store
  • Time Intensive Projects
  • Other Advanced Setups

Content Creation Subscriptions

Having a website does not guarantee results.  In a competitive landscape, a proactive marketing strategy becomes necessary to achieve valuable organic search rankings.  Content marketing is an extremely effective form of advertising as it targets web searchers who already have an interest in your industry.  A content subscription is a set-and-forget solution to ensure your business gets the exposure it requires.  Articles are 500 words each and based on keywords and topics related to your business. We automatically post new articles to your blog and include SEO optimized images in line with text.  As an added plus, we will connect your blog to your social media accounts, so all entries are automatically posted out to them.    Check out our blog to see what content marketing looks like.


  • 4 Unique Blog Articles Per Month
  • Articles Posted w/Images


  • 8 Unique Blog Articles Per Month
  • Articles Posted w/Images


  • 16 Unique Blog Articles Per Month
  • Articles Posted w/Images


  • 32 Unique Blog Articles Per Month
  • Articles Posted w/Images


  • 64 Unique Blog Articles Per Month
  • Articles Posted w/Images


  • 128 Unique Blog Articles Per Month
  • Articles Posted w/Images

Build Initial Link Profile

Google has, since its inception, discovered sites by way of links.  Your site, in its infancy, will not have any links to it; therefore, it will not be discovered.  Our link profile building involves submitting your site and creating listings on popular Web 2.0 sites and business directories.  This builds credibility with Google and is highly recommended for a brand new site.

Build Initial Link Profile

  • Submission of site to Web 2.0 Sites and Biz Directories

Social Media Marketing Growth Program

This service automatically adds new, researched and targeted social media connections to your social media accounts.  This couples well with our content marketing service, which will blast unique articles onto your social media pages upon creation.

Social Media Account Manual Growth

  • 150 New Targeted Connection Invites per Business Day

Paid Advertising Promotion

Paid advertising channels are effective in that they can bring needed short term results for clients.  Popular paid advertising sources are Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Craigslist paid listings.

Paid Advertising Promotion

  • Price is per month, per advertising channel

Stand Alone Logo Design

No business is complete without an attractive logo that aims that provides a powerful, summarizing effect using effective imagery.

Stand Alone Logo Design

  • Logo Design