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Professional SEO services help business owners ensure they are expanding their reach in the organic search market.  Learn more about Harmonic Web Solutions’s professional SEO services:

1. Link Building

Professional SEO services build your site’s link structure.

Linking is one of the core facets of the internet, as this is how purpose is clarified on the web and undiscovered sites become known.

Inbound Links

professional seo servicesInbound links are hyperlinks from other sites pointing to your own.  Historically, inbound links have been a ranking signal with search giants like Google.  They would count links to a site and scan their “anchor texts,” or the actual text constituting as the link, to discover the site’s purpose.  An example of this is a link pointing to the exact url “,” yet the way the link displays on the web page is “Search Engine.”  It was in this way that search engines would match keywords and phrases to a website.

As can be expected, however, this system was abused as overly ambitious webmasters spammed their links with desired anchor texts all over the web.

professional seo servicesGoogle, in protecting the interests of the user experience, does not want to allow a loophole that lets low-quality sites outrank quality sites by way of link spamming.  To counteract link spam, Google has updated their algorithm over the years to weigh inbound links based on the authority of their source.  Google’s own guidance on “legal” vs “illegal” link building is somewhat contradictory.  However, the basic idea is that they want you to build links in a “natural” fashion, as in, most of your links come to you inadvertently from other web surfers who simply enjoyed your content.

Here’s the catch though, if you don’t get links, there is 0 chance your site is going to be found and ranked.  As such, inbound link building is a rather ambiguous element in SEO that involves following the guidelines of SEO theorists and, from horse’s mouth, Google’s search team.

Our Inbound Link Strategy

professional seo servicesOur strategy at Harmonic Web Solutions is to create an initial link profile for your site that includes submissions to popular business directories and Web 2.0 sites like Youtube and Facebook.  This will get you enough “link juice” to get your initial content ranked.  From then on out, our SEO strategy is pure content creation, and we let the “chips fall as they may” when it comes to gaining inbound links from reputable sources.  This is how we balance “staying in code” with the necessity of creating a presence in the virtual market.

You may feel free to create your own links to your own site, it is understandable and will probably not hurt you.  It is only when it comes becomes excessive that it is problematic.

Outbound Links

professional seo servicesOutbound linking is about building our brand’s credibility by being gracious enough to link out to other sites.  The web is an interconnected series of links, and this action is a bit of “giving back.”  There is probably not too much algorithmic weight to outbound links; however, engaging in them is good networking practice and enhances our standing with the public.  Here is an example of an outbound link: Search Engine Optimization.

We try to make one outbound link on each page we create.

Internal Links

professional seo servicesInternal links are links within your own site from one page to the next.  They are very important from an SEO standpoint – due to more variables than can be typically ascertained, some of your pages are going to rank better than others.  What internal linking does is spread page rank, or “link juice,” around to other important parts of your site.  For example, if your url “” is performing well on search engines, and you want the url “” to improve its ranking, a link from the former to the latter will help boost the latter’s rank.  Internal linking also enhances the user experience by guiding users seamlessly around your site.

Our search engine optimization company includes a few inbound links on each page we create to evenly spread rank around your site.

2. Keyword Research

professional seo servicesProfessional SEO services help laser focus your leads.

This process involves carefully researching which keywords your target buyer is using when searching for products and services that you offer.  Once we determine the best keywords to use, we strategically include them in your site’s page titles, headers and content to maximize our search engine exposure.

Some keywords and phrases are niche and can be ranked for as soon as 1 month.  Other phrases are more competitive and solid rankings can take years.  We must be realistic and set reasonable goals, but success is possible in this space providing we are keen on reaching our goals.

3. Target Market Research

professional seo servicesProfessional SEO services put you in touch with your buyer.

This process involves determining the needs, values and background of your audience. This information helps us carefully tailor our marketing campaigns to ensure that they’re appealing to the needs and interests our target buyer.

During the target market research process, we collect the following information:

• Geographic: Neighborhood, City, and Region
• Demographic: Family size, Gender, Age, Education, Income, and Ethnicity
• Behavioristic: Attitude, Loyalty, Consumption, and Buying Pattern
• Psychographic: Life stage, Personality, Values, and Social Class

Other SEO Services

professional seo servicesNote that the aforementioned SEO services are not the only digital marketing services available to business owners.  Other services from our SEO Agency:

Content Marketing – Creating unique content centered around target keywords
• Local SEO – Keyword targeting local areas (“used cars in manhattan”)
Blogging – The continual release of quality content to boost our brand


Business owners who are ready to start communicating and converting people online should know that a reputable SEO firm can help them do so. Contact our passionate, professional SEO experts now so we can put together a customized marketing campaign that will work for your company!

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