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search engine marketing servicesHarmonic Web Solutions offers comprehensive search engine marketing services to businesses.  Search engine marketing is a powerful and effective form of advertising, as it plays on search engines companies’ “desire” to index quality content as a way of boosting their own credibility.

Search engine marketing aims to build your site’s equity by making it an indispensable resource to web searchers.

Unique, Quality and Keyword Rich Content is Paramount

search engine marketing servicesSearch engine marketing can also be considered “SEO (search engine optimization)” or content marketingSEO writing involves publishing unique articles, relevant to your business, that are focused on carefully selected keywords and key-phrases.  When users punch in these relevant search queries, our goal is to have our site show up for these queries.

We cannot “force” the issue here; in other words, we can’t just stuff our website full of our target key-phrases – the search engines are too evolved to allow this loophole.  Rather, we must build excellent content around our target phrases, as this is what modern search engine algorithms are looking for.

How are search engines, which are algorithmic by nature, able to discover pages that actually offer value to their readers?  The answer is not cut and dry, as search companies aren’t ready to divulge all of their secrets.  However, anecdotal evidence suggests that search algorithms expect to find a page purporting certain keywords to be found in the presence of other relevant phrases.  The algorithms are at least smart enough to be able to analyze trusted sites and register their “keyword fields.”  Our website must become a data pool of relevance – the only way to do this is by actually putting thought into our SEO articles.

Uniqueness, quality and keyword centricity are requirements in content marketing efforts.

Search Engine Marketing is a Forward Thinking Strategy

search engine marketing servicesSearch engine optimization is not an overnight, smoking-gun solution to getting traffic to your site.  Frankly, the search engines don’t work this way.  Authority must be granted by search engines, and this is a process that requires a time investment.  However, search engine marketing is very powerful when effective, as indexed publications last for years and provide a continual source of free, targeted traffic.

Proper search marketing efforts can be likened to planting a garden.  It takes effort, and results are not immediate, but when the reason is ripe enough to allow us to see the fruits of our labor, we realize how valuable our hard work was.  Search engine marketing can also be likened to payments made on a mortgage – each time we make a payment, we build equity in our investment.

SEO marketing is a forward thinking, site equity building advertising strategy.

Harmonic Web Solutions’ Search Engine Marketing Services

We can create this content on behalf of your company along with the keyword research required.  Content marketing is the primary driver of our own website.  Check out our blog to see content marketing in action.

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