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A search engine optimization company should be able to work organic search magic.  Once implemented and effective, your site receives free, targeted traffic from search.  What else could possibly be better?  The proposition of having your site do all the marketing you’ll ever need, purely on your behalf and even when you sleep, is extremely enticing.  No longer do SEO achievers have to consult Adwords, Craigslist, Facebook Ads or any other forms of paid marketing to drive sales.  This is why SEO is such a buzzword and why there are so many bloggers and agencies touting its benefits and selling related services.

So how do you do it?  How does a search engine optimization company gain ground in this powerful arena?

Making Friends with Google

Search Engine Optimization CompanyFirst, let’s try to understand something important about popular search engines like Google.  Their bread and butter, claim to fame and cash cow is their mastery of web search.  Google, above all others, has taken countless actions over the years to improve the search experience for their users.  Their motivation?  – to gain economic advantage in a capitalistic society via the release of a superior product the competition has yet to surpass.  Phew.

Why is their product superior?  It is because their focus has always been returning quality, focused results back to users’ search queries.  In this day and age and quite frankly, you just don’t often hear of people saying their going to “Yahoo” something or “Bing” something.  No.  They Google it.  We have come to learn to trust Google.  They have built an excellent brand and offer an excellent product.

Our SEO agency make marketing to Google our primary aim.

How Does Understanding Google’s Motivations Help Me Effectively Perform Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization CompanyWe learn how to make our publications show up in Google search by coming to a deep understanding of what make’s Google so awesome.  If we know that Google wants to return excellent, targeted search results to users, we need to be the creators of excellent, targeted content.  That is the maxim which any reputable SEO firm should live by if achievement in this space is their goal.

The primary role you should take on is to be the creator of an exceptional user experience.  You should have: a nice looking site that is dynamically responsive (looks good on multiple devices,) a site that loads fast and isn’t so overloaded with advertisements and, most importantly, a site that provides the quality information that searchers are looking for.  If, in your efforts to benefit yourself, you are looking to edify your users with a great experience, Google will reward you by progressively giving your site higher placement in search results.

Effective Search Engine Optimization Companies Work Magic by Creating Excellence for Your Readers

Search Engine Optimization CompanyI will restate in another way: getting your publications found in Google’s index is the most effective form of marketing you will ever do.  Once you have are earning healthy spots in search, the traffic is targeted and it is free. It takes time to build trust and equity, but with every powerful piece of content you produce, you are hashing out a future for your brand.

This focus of our SEO services is edifying and pleasing your reader, because this has what Google has been doing for many years.  If you focus stays there, you will achieve magic in the search world.

Harmonic Web Solutions is an SEO company you can trust.