SEO CompanyOur SEO company provides search engine optimization services to businesses looking to expand into the content marketing/organic search arena.  Organic search marketing involves using content as an “attractor” of search engines like Google – if our posted content is deemed relevant to a keyword phrase and of quality, search engines will showcase it in search results for that phrase.  This type of traffic is very targeted; as in, the right kind of people are already searching for your services when they find you.  It is also long lasting; as in, highly ranked publications will continue to receive residual traffic as long as the page remains available.

As such, search engine marketing is, in our opinion, the gold standard for business advertising.  What an SEO firm does is take search engines’ “desire” for high quality content and turn it into a vehicle for laser-targeted marketing.  If search engine companies like Google are constantly on the prowl for excellent search results to offer their users, we can serve up these results to enrich the reader and, naturally, turn a profit.

Our SEO company can help you come up with a viable organic search marketing strategy via keyword and market research.

How Can Professional Search Engine Optimization Services Help My Company?

SEO CompanyWe, expectedly, choose keywords and phrases that are the most valuable to our clients.

Examples of Use

If a company is selling used cars in Long Branch, NJ.  Then “used cars in Long Branch, NJ,” its variants and its relatives become our target phrases.  In this instance, we would regularly release content that puts focus on these phrases to get interested buyers on the client’s site for these terms.  Depending on the market, fruitful results are possible with the level of dedication and consistency needed to penetrate it.  In niche markets, results are relatively easy to gain.  In competitive markets, we our SEO services will be geared toward a long-term strategy.

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Keyword Targeting Must be Coupled with Engaging Content

SEO CompanyKeyword targeting is for getting users onto our website.  Engaging content is for keeping them there, earning their trust and, ultimately, converting them into buyers.  Therefore, every single publication we release must not only be keyword centered, it must also be an informative and engaging read.  Search engines are on the look out for unique content to include in their index.  When new content is released, search engines can see if the exact same content has already been previously indexed.  As can be expected, duplicated content does not receive nearly the same weight as fresh content from its original source.

Our SEO company will help you with keyword research and content creation.

The “Keyword Field” Concept

SEO CompanyIn terms of search engine market share, Yahoo and Bing receive, collectively have 20%.  Our the focus of our search engine optimization company is primarily Google, which holds 80% of the market.  We all know from personal experience that Google excels at returning us the most relevant search results we are looking for.  What makes them so excellent?

In the early stages of search marketing, keywords were the prominent driver of results.  What started happening, as a result of this, was webmasters “stuffing” their pages full of keywords as a way of getting their pages high rankings for terms most beneficial to their interests.  This made the relevance of searches suffer and hurt Google’s credibility.

SEO Company

One way Google has counteracted this is by updating their algorithm to ascertain the “field” in which keywords exist in.  To put it simply, Google expects that keywords be found in the context of other neighbor keywords and phrases relevant to them.  Due to the updates Google has made over the years, this has greatly improved the quality of their search engine.

How does this change our search marketing strategy?  When we release publications to the search engines, we don’t put unnecessarily strong focus on our target keywords.  Instead, we put relatively strong focus on our target terms but make sure to touch on all topics that may be related to the genre.  It is in this way that we make our pages a data field that communicates to Google that our page is indeed relevant to the topics we are targeting.

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