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An SEO consultant from our firm can help bring your site out of the weeds and into the light with targeted content marketing.

How We Work

The establishment of a foundational SEO setup, coupled with the regular inclusion of thoughtful web content, is a recipe for your site’s success in the organic search marketing space.  An early setup is executed by coding up a basic format for your site that provides for its ideal display in search engine results.  This is done simply, usually with simple plugins, to ensure your keywords are prominently displayed in post titles and meta data.

After this foundational system is in place, the consistent release of quality, keyword-centric web content is fundamental to giving your site the best chance of ranking for long tail keywords.

The Long Tail Keyword Search Engine Marketing Strategy

SEO ConsultantThe long tail, or three more word, keyword strategy can be likened to casting your net out to catch many small fish as opposed to dedicating all of your efforts in hopes of catching that one big fish.  When it comes to competitive search terms, the idea of earning immediate rankings for them is unrealistic.  However, there exist a plethora of long tail terms, even in competitive spaces, that can much more easily be ranked for and should, thus, be targeted.

You will always have those blunt, hard-target phrases like “cars for sale” that an entire country of car sellers would love to rank for, but you will also have those case specific phrases like “used cars in Lakewood, NJ” that can prove greatly valuable to the right kind of person.  When it comes to specific markets, if you can release a large suite of unique postings inside its niche, you will, in essence, create a giant net that expands your reach to already interested parties.

Hire an SEO consultant from our SEO firm to help you with keyword research and content creation.

Web Content Marketing – Creating a Global, Dynamic, Searchable E-Book

SEO ConsultantWhen it comes to getting a slice of the pie in worthy markets, you’re going to have establish your site as a quality data pool in its genre.  The more valuable, data rich publications you have posted up on your site, the more of it will be indexed by search engines – it is in this way that you will exponentially grow your chances of getting up on the board for unique keyword phrases.  Your website should be a free library of information, or a free dynamic ebook, to attract search engine attention and get warm leads onto your site.

But traffic isn’t the end all be all.  You are, after all, in this business to make money.  Thus, your site should have functionality that makes it easy for visitors to sign up to become subscribers – you should also make clear communication that you are a business with premium products and services for sale.  With a search engine marketing strategy that throws out that big proverbial “net,” you do not have to go overboard with the sales language – once you’re getting enough traffic, you will, by means of statistics, be making plenty of sales from those you have earned credibility with via your awesome blog content.

Hire an SEO consultant from our agency to help build your site’s data pool.

SEO Through Blogging

SEO ConsultantThis blog style marketing strategy works in any field.    Even if your site is complete and established in its own right, pushing out topic related data increases the chances you will be found inadvertently from web searchers swimming in neighboring genres.  The magic of this style is that it markets to a “keyword field” and not just a narrow set of target phrases.

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