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seo expertHire an SEO expert from Harmonic Web Solutions to enjoy greater search engine visibility for your website.  Search engine optimization is a suite of tools we utilize to make your site palatable for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Combining well thought out long tail keywords with engaging web content is how we earn sites valuable organic traffic.  Organic traffic, due to the fact that it is tied to search queries, is highly targeted.  Therefore, this type of traffic brings warm leads into your virtual world ready for your sales pitch.

An SEO expert from Harmonic Web Solutions creates unique content and does keyword research on your behalf.

The Power of Content in SEO

seo expertSearch engine optimization is all about content.  While the targeting of keywords is how we initially discover our topics, content must be readable, engaging and offer good value to visitors.  Search engines run algorithms to discover websites and index them against relevant search queries.  However, modern search systems have evolved to point of being able to rank sites that offer better value above sites that offer less.

This is accomplished via a myriad a proprietary factors, however, years of SEO theorists’ analysis and anecdotal evidence suggests that highly ranked sites offer “contextual content” and have backlinks from trusted sources.  Contextual content is content found in a “keyword field” of relevant phrases.  That means that a piece of content with headers that suggest a “web design service” should be found amongst other phrases found on trusted, authoritative web design websites.

The Important of “Real” Content

seo expertWhile, theoretically, it could be possible to algorithmically discover the correct keyword field, that would still leave out our ultimate aim: creating value to our visitors and converting them into customers.  As a result, the heart of the issue is the need to write quality content around our subject phrases to earn favor with search engines’ robotic algorithms and our actual human readers.

Powerful, thoughtful, subject focused content is the way to get the rankings we desire for the keywords we desire.

SEO, a Long-Term Approach

seo expertAnyone who has a website that gets natural traffic from search engines will tell you that it is the superior online marketing methodology.  Yet, the caveat here is that certain keywords are more competitive than others; the more competitive your target key-phrase, the harder we will have to work and the longer the whole process will take.

Sites need to become authoritative before search engines display their pages more often.  Authority can be gained faster with consistent content release and a backlinking strategy, yet, a domain’s sheer age is a ranking factor.  As a result, we must be patient.  Yet, SEO marketing efforts are like planting a flower garden – no results in the immediate but awesome results after a waiting period.

SEO is a marathon, not a race.

Hire an SEO Expert from HWS

We are implementing an SEO content marketing strategy on our own website via our blog.  By viewing our blog, it is easy to see how the system works.  We “mine” for the keywords and variants most beneficial to our business and then write quality content centered on them.

Let’s partner and formulate your SEO strategy.