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Our SEO services artfully craft a site for strategic digestion by popular search media like Google.  Businesses in literally any field can tap into this excellent source of traffic by making their sites an exceptional resource to visitors.  Not only should relevant keyword be targeted, but the site should aim to put out content that edifies users and drives them toward your products and services.

What Makes a Site Palatable to Search Engines

Awesome Content

SEO ServicesNot only is traffic important to a site but also the behavior of that traffic.  If your site is getting less exposure while still offering content wealth you can do more with less.  It has been theorized that Google uses a site’s “bounce rate” as a ranking factor; the bounce rate is how long users are staying on your pages before exiting.  Whether or not this plays a role in Google’s site score algorithm, it still makes sense to create content to engage your reader, as building reputability is key to increasing the strength and profitability of your company.  You should always offer an easy way for casual visitors to become subscribers.  With subscribers, the ability to monetize increases, and the key to more subscribers is to craft your site to be an authority in its field.  Our SEO firm creates quality content vital to organic search marketing.

Our SEO services include the creation of powerful content.

Keyword Inclusion

SEO ServicesKeywords are important to giving search engines an idea of what your site is all about.  Artful keyword application is what makes the right kind of people find your page – without careful consideration to keywords, you may be getting a ton of traffic that has little interest in buying what you are selling.  In general, the shorter and more generalized a keyword is, the more competition exists for it and the longer it will take to get your site traffic for it.  Global, general keywords are really the gold standard, however, as they allow a business to get traffic from literally anywhere in the world.  Getting ranked on these keywords is a worthy goal, but it can take a very long time!

Specific keywords are for niches.  These are great for local businesses or unique trades.  Depending on the genre, ranking for these keywords is typically a much faster process.  For example:  one of our clients owns a dairy goat farmette in New Jersey and wanted to rank for the keyword phrase “goals for sale in NJ.”  Now, this isn’t exactly the most highly searched for term on the internet, but it gets enough traffic to perfectly serve his own unique purposes.  Getting ranking for this term was very simple and only took about 6 months.  Now he gets calls just as often as he can keep supply up with demand.

Our SEO Services can do the same for your business.

Backlinks from Reputable Sources

SEO Services

What I’ve seen first hand is that you can have a site that is totally relevant, offers great content is a great user experience that gets literally no traffic!  I mean – 0 traffic without backlinks.  Backlinks are links from other sites to your own.  Sites are ranked by Google based on their authority – this authority is granted based on how old a site is, how deeply connected it is to other reputable sources and, of course, its overall quality and user experience.  In essence, the best type of backlink is one from a site that is at least somewhat in line with the genre you are in and with a proven history of quality.

Google locates sites by “crawling” the web.  It is literally an act of scanning a site and then following every link it offers to external endpoints, on and on and on.  So, in essence, if your site is not linked to, Google will not be able to find you.  Getting links from other reputable sources is a pure act of basic business networking – you have to reach out to others and let them know you exist.  Usually, you have to offer them something in return, sometimes in the form of a link to their own site.  There do exist “spammy” tactics to getting links, but Google has gotten so sophisticated that it is able to easily distinguish between low and high quality sources.

Our SEO services can improve your link profile.


SEO ServicesThere is no hard, irrefutable evidence that Google is measuring posting, or the creation of fresh content, consistency as a ranking signal – it is only a theory.  Yet, whether or not they do, the consistent addition of fresh, unique content to your site is strong practice.  While, as discussed previously, the quality of posted content is important, the more of it you have, the better.  Ideally, your SEO agency should craft your site to be library of powerful resources offered freely to your visitors.  This is the practice of building trust for your brand – visitors, in turn, will reward you with their loyalty, referrals and purchases.

The easy way to get into the groove is to get on a consistent posting schedule.  Even if our search engine optimization company is creating content once per week, this act will eventually get you there.  Obviously, if you can post more frequently without having to make sacrifices in quality, you will reach your business goals even faster.

Harmonic Web Solutions’ SEO Services

SEO ServicesHarmonic Web Solutions offers SEO services to new, emerging or established businesses.  SEO is a process – depending on the field, results can be faster or slower.  Our SEO company aims to set reasonable expectations.  Remember, those who want to rank for high value keywords need to be in this for the long haul.  Powerful websites on the internet right now did not get to where they are overnight – they kept on in the marathon and finished strong.

A site must prove itself – Google knows how to weed out the bad apples and reward the good.  Without having to study the practices of Google to an unnecessary degree, all we really need to do is consider the needs of our visitors and go above and beyond in meeting those expectations – the rest will follow.

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