Hire an SEO Specialist from Harmonic Web Solutions

Hire an SEO specialist from Harmonic Web Solutions to create greater visibility for your business website.  Our specialists know how to get you traffic from search engines: keyword targeting and engaging language.

SEO is about Keywords

Search engine optimizationseo specialist is, at face value, a keyword craft.  You seek out the keywords your company is looking to earn rank for, keywords deemed to be valuable based on their relevance, locale and target audience.  Once we have determined these keywords and dissected some variants, we can begin creating powerful SEO content surrounding and supporting each and every subject phrases – each exists as a unique article with its own url – this url is, typically, in the exact syntax as the subject phrase itself.

We try to target the long-tail keywords.  Why?  Because they are less competitive and more specific, which both help you.  They are less competitive because of their very specific nature – less people are trying for it.  And the fact that they are more specific means that the clicks you are paying for or that you have earned from SEO are warm to your pitch – they are, in essence, seeking you already.

SEO is about Content

Language must support chosen keywords in a natural way.seo specialist  This is because machine learning has evolved to the point of being able to distinguish between purposeful and nonsensical verbiage.  This is done by associating a keyword field with a particular genre and expecting trusting sites will follow suit.  Google doesn’t spill the beans about their algorithm, in other words, I speculate.  However, I don’t think too many would argue the point that they are the best search engine in the world.

So, in essence, there’s no faking it.  Even if we can’t exactly pin down what makes search algorithms work, making your site boring is actually in-and-of-itself a boring act.  So, for actual long term results acquiring clients, making sales and the added bonus of enjoying our work, all we have to do is write meaning material with a little bit of heart.  This of course extends beyond impressing the almighty Google.  You still have to sell yourself to your customer. And so our content is also about qualification.

HWS SEO Specialist

Our SEO agency offers comprehensive SEO packages.  Check out the blog to see organic search content marketing at play.  Most recommended first is to get some unique content up on your site before moving toward paid advertising.