HWS’ Small Business SEO Services

small business seoHarmonic Web Solutions offers small business SEO services to brick and mortar companies.

Small businesses are particular entities that seem to benefit greatly from search engine optimization efforts.  Why?  Because there are still many “brick and mortar,” word-of-mouth type small businesses out there that haven’t yet tapped into the power of internet marketing.  Many of these businesses have sustained themselves for years using a basic, person to person networking strategy.  When these entities begin to tap into the power of SEO marketing, they are shocked at its power to facilitate exponential growth.

The Power of Unique, Key-Phrase Centric  Content

small business seoWhat we do, in essence, is start writing about your business. 

Search engines love to index content that they feel is going to be the most relevant to particular search queries.  If you own a painting company in Philadelphia, PA, then we are going to find key-phrases and variants most targeted to that business.  “Painting company in philadelphia,” “painting company in philly,” “philadelphia painting companies,” so on and so forth, are the types of phrases we would write unique articles around.  Many variants can be derived from even a specific keyword – our goal is to create excellent content around all variants to maximize targeted search exposure to your small business.  Additionally, we field the task of keyword research.

Organic Search Marketing – A Long Term Small Business Strategy

small business seoYou know forward thinking because you own a small business.  Organic search marketing requires a similar long term outlook.

Small business owners are all too aware of the time investment required to make their trade work.  Small business SEO works the same way.  Search engines need to deem a source credible before placing it high up in search rankings.  SEO is a forward looking, forward thinking strategy – it takes time, but it works.  Getting your business’ site higher in search rankings means we must begin writing quality content now.  As your content ages, you will begin to see a gradual increase in organic search traffic to your site.  Well ranked SEO articles are a steady stream of free traffic to those sites that have earned privilege with search engine companies like Google.

Small Business SEO by Harmonic Web Solutions

small business seoWe offer comprehensive search engine marketing packages for small business. 

Take a look at our own blog to see how our own site uses this at its primary marketing strategy.  You will notice that we have taken a large pool of phrases and created unique articles around each one.  This will be the strategy we utilize with your business.  The amount of articles you will need is determined by the competitiveness of your industry.

Let’s partner and grow together.