I’m no expert on link building…

However, what I and many other webmasters have seen is that the more incoming links you have to your site from reputable sources, the faster your material gets indexed.  This is how the world wide web came to be – a giant network of interconnected websites.  The more “tangled” your site is in the web, the easier it is for you to be found.

There is a sort of catch-22 in the whole process though.  Because, in a competitive landscape, everyone wants their site to succeed.  They want their site to be number one.  They want to beat out the competition.

One common link building strategy is to reach out to webmasters who exist in your niche to try to get backlinks from them, perhaps in a mutual linking scenario.  Yet, in this situation, there is, typically, a less reputable site trying to get a backlink from a more reputable site.  A common and obvious response from the more reputable site is a refusal to link in the interest in maintaining their own rankings.

I recently made a blog post where I linked to a company and promoted their product…

I then reached out to them and showed them the post.  I then asked if they would mutually link.  They politely refused.  Who can blame them?  My site is relatively new.

Now, as a site developer, I have the luxury of getting links from new sites that I create.  Yet, they are not hugely valuable yet, because these sites are also brand new and do not yet have the domain authority to make a large difference in my own rankings.  Additionally, they aren’t the “contextual links” that bloggers are always seeking – links from sites that are within your own niche, considered more valuable.

In a sense, link building is an almost a silly effort.  Sites that you want to get links from don’t really have much incentive to link to you.  In fact, it is almost to their detriment that they do.

So, where do we go from here?

The web is organic.  It grows on its own.  It contains a group intelligence.  I think the point that I want to make here is that your site will be found on its own.  Value is value and it will eventually be rewarded.  You will of course want to do your own promotion, but, in the early stages, promotion of your new site will be similar to promoting your own business – there’s no easy way to do it; you just have to network.

Your focus as a new site owner or webmaster is to trust the intelligence of the human network that is the internet.  You should put your focus on offering value.  You should also be patient.  Your website is like a seed in the ground that will eventually become a tree.  Your goal, here and now, is to water your seed.

Do not compete with other websites in your niche.  They are there as a learning tool for you.  They are not your enemy – they are inspiration for you to better your own efforts.  Instead, imagine your target audience, and make your marketing efforts centered around meeting their needs.

Links will come.

People will organically link to you as they find your site worthy of linking.  This is not something you will really have to strive for.  If you engage in manual link building efforts, you’re going to find it to be a sort of contradictory exercise as the sites capable of offering you the most valuable links are your competitors!

Just keep doing you.  Share with the world your innate gifts using the web as a vehicle.  You will find success being in touch with this innermost part of yourself.  Remember though, in the early stages of your site, this is going to feel a bit solipsistic – like you’re the only one in existence and no one is listening.

Be patient and have a little faith.  Success will find you on its own terms.  Keep watering your garden.

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