Webmasters and bloggers are always trying to figure out ways to drive traffic to their web pages.  How long is it going to take?  What steps can I take now to get search engines to start indexing my site?  This article is going to address some of these concerns from a philosophical point of view and show some practical ways online marketers can get their content seen.

Search engine optimization has long been mystified by online communities.  What are the proper set of ingredients needed to get a website noticed by Google?  What are other sites doing right that we are doing wrong?  These questions, believe it or not, actually have simple answers, but they may not be the ones to be expected.

The Religion of SEO

Effective SEO is more like a religion than anything else.  Search engines like Google, for obvious reasons, are not going to reveal the exact set of elements a site requires for high search rankings.  There have been countless experts that have theorized as to what these elements may be.  What quickly becomes clear is that there are still many theories and no concrete answers.  However, successful webmasters do exist – the difference between them and the amateur is their faith in the system.

What many webmasters forget in their SEO efforts is the inclusion of quality content on their pages.  While certain technical aspects like keywords and metadata are important, they are not nearly important as content.  How can this be known to be so?  Some of the most popular blogs on the internet are by authors who don’t necessarily have a tech background; yet, in spite of this, Google’s algorithm is capable of recognizing their site’s quality and indexing accordingly.  These bloggers are dedicated to consistently creating unique, engaging, fun and readable content that attracts new visitors every day.  It’s in search engines’ best interest to direct traffic to these pages – the reward for them is their own engines’ credibility.

Faith in Google

Bloggers and webmasters should take the time to set their site up properly from a technical standpoint.  However, once complete, they must put their faith in the system by beginning and continuing the task of creating content that people actually want to read.  Throwing up a few images to mix with the content never hurts either – who doesn’t like an illustrated novel?

Once a site is set up, bloggers don’t necessarily need to focus so heavily on keywords.  All that matters is that blog posts are on basically on topic.  Once a blog is filled with unique content, a process that takes time, traffic may be driven to the site from obscure searches.  One can never really be sure as to what topics are going to drive the most traffic to their site, so faith in the system and dedication to consistency prevails.

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