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Introducing Our Web Design Agency

Harmonic Web Solutions is a web design agency that creates aesthetically pleasing, responsive websites meant to build your company’s credibility and improve its virtual presence.  The services we offer are there to help your business grow.

WordPress Web Development

We build our sites using WordPress, the most popular, tried and true web development platform.  WordPress websites are, out of the box, lightweight and designed for easy search engine digestion.  Creating with WordPress allows us to easily “hand over” completed sites to clients: we provide you with a username and password to login into your own site – there you’ll be able easily edit your site using a graphic user interface.

Built for SEO

web design agency

We develop to the search engines.  While your website is a great selling point when trying to earn new customers and clients, we ultimately want our sites to be indexed by the search engines.  “Organic search marketing” means creating content around keywords and “key-phrases” that will attract hot leads to your site.  Try to imagine it for a moment: your business sells “used classical guitars.”  Consider the value of a prospective customer who found your guitar store by typing in that exact key-phrase?  That is the power of targeted, organic search marketing.

Responsiveness Web Design

web design agencyDay by day, Google is further updating their algorithm to provide weight to websites that are optimized for mobile viewing.  As the market makes its slow but steady shift from desktop to mobile, we will continue to see mobile optimized sites perform better in search engine results.

What is key in this paradigm?  Responsive Web Design.  Responsive web design means building a site that dynamically realigns itself to display nicely on all screen sizes.  A responsive site will look good on a giant iMac screen yet just as good on an android smartphone.

This is done not only to improve the user experience but also to demonstrate value to the search engines.  As Google is constantly making changes to their algorithm to improve the user experience, mobile optimized sites will continue to see better search engine rankings.

A Web Design Agency You Can Depend on

Harmonic Web Solutions is in the business of growing your business.  The greater success we are able to help you achieve, the more our own credibility grows.  We confidently proclaim that our clients are also our partners.

Let’s get you on the web!