Harmonic Web Solutions is a Web Design Firm

web design firmHarmonic Web Solutions is a web design firm that is in the business of helping clients make powerful shifts into the virtual space.  Many that contact us are without a website or have one that is outdated – our services provide a site that is modern, attractive, responsive and SEO ready.

The world we live in is becoming increasingly more virtual; therefore, it becomes all the more necessary to establish a purposeful virtual presence to expand the reach of our tangible businesses.

Built with the Power of WordPress

web design firmWordPress is the mighty platform of the web – as of the time of this writing, 30% of the entire world wide web is created on top of this open source platform.

How does this help your business?  WordPress is continually developed in an open source format, meaning anyone is permitted to edit and supplement its core code.  What this leads to is an extremely robust platform that is constantly modified to come in line with the requirements of a “quality site” – as deemed by search companies like Google, that is.

After your project is complete, WordPress is easily portable to your control.  A login link, username and password will be provided to you, so you can go in and make your own edits.  This way, the site we build for you is fully yours.

web design firm

Designed to be Responsive

Worldwide, more people are using smartphones then ever before.  As they become more accessible and more affordable, their reach is becoming widespread.  Therefore, in the interests of creating an awesome user experience, we must create websites that format well on all different kinds of devices

Do you know who else is greatly interested in providing fantastic user experiences?  Why, none other than Google.  Google is looking at mobile optimized sites as deemed more worthy of high search rankings as opposed to outdated sites that degrade the user experience on mobile.

web design firm

Search Engine Ready

When finished, our websites are ready for search engine indexing, and we will manually submit your site to Google.  Indexing is fast, but ranking is a process that takes time. Organic search marketing results are targeted and long lasting – it is worth the wait, so be sure to be patient.

Harmonic Web Solutions – A Web Design Firm to Partner With

We would love to partner with you.  Contact us today and let’s get you up on the web!