Web Design ServicesOur web design services are meant to give a new or established business a strong virtual influence.  This online presence is an absolute necessity in the modern age, with the worldwide adoption and accessibility of the world wide web as well as the widespread use of mobile technology.  If you are not taking steps now to place your business in front of this enormous global audience, you are seriously limiting the potential of its growth.

We are too aware of the fact that in order for us to be successful, we must set up and guide our clients toward success.  As such, every site we design is deemed important in our eyes and will be looked at from multiple angles before being called complete.

Web Design Services by HWS

Web Design ServicesAt HWS, our job is to get a feel for who you are and what you do.  For us, the challenge is to capture the essence of your business and post it up on the web.   We need to be inspired to design, and that initial inspiration comes entirely from our interactions with clients.  Necessarily, for us to output sites that are to our clients’ liking, we must listen intently.  What best serves the client’s needs?  Should this site be formal or casual?  What color scheme best match the intent?  What features can we implement to improve the overall flow of the business’s operations?

In a world becoming ever more virtual, there are many things that can be accomplished in a virtual space.  Shopping cart software turns your website into an online store where customers can pay online.  Forms allow you to the gather data, leads and subscribers.  CRM implementations allow you to maintain positive relationships with clients and simplify project management.  Booking applications allow customers to sign up for appointments dynamically integrated with your schedule.  By utilizing open source platforms like WordPress, we are able to offer an almost limitless amount of solutions for your business.

Site Responsiveness

Web Design ServicesOne challenging aspect to web design is creating a site that displays well on varying devices of access.  While desktops and laptops were once the primary window to the web, the adoption of smartphone technologies by society has changed the landscape of the playing field.  While this will certainly vary depending on the genre of the website, we must assume that at least half of our total site visitors will be accessing it from mobile devices.  However, we must also assume, if we extrapolate technological growth, that this number will be growing in the coming years.

As such, we must create our sites to be “responsive.”  A responsive site is one that reformats itself for optimal display on many different screen resolutions.  Since this is the nature of technology today – variety – it is imperative that our website are designed to dynamically accommodate.  This is accomplished by properly theming the site and then cross testing it on different devices.

Web Design Services for A More Prosperous Business

Web Design ServicesAs the internet is a global technology, there is virtually limitless potential for growth.  An online presence is your window to the world.  Even if your business is, by nature, only able to serve local needs, you will still be able to enjoy a greater connection to global resources fitting to further your local interests.  The idea is to make more people aware of your existence; networking is a powerful tool for any thriving business.  The web is your doorway to greater business prosperity – so tap into the well of the web!

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