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Our web designers know how to build online profiles that boost company credibility and attract website visitors.  As the web is the driving force of the modern market, this is the day and age to make sure you have a handle on your online presence.

An effective website is a mixture of aesthetics, functionality and artful use of language.

WordPress Website Design

web designersOur web designers develop primarily with WordPress, an open-source platform.  What makes WordPress so effective is that it is easy enough for beginners to use, yet advanced enough that design firms can use it to implement many unique solutions.  The use of WordPress gives us a freedom to create virtually any type of environment for our clients, and then, in turn, gives our clients the same freedom to edit and optimize their own site as they see fit.

WordPress sites hold up against the most important standards on the web: ease of use, search engine friendliness and professional appearance.

Responsive Web Design

web designersOur sites are built to be responsive, which means that look good on any device, from computers to smartphones.  A responsive site dynamically reformats itself for optimal view on the screen resolution of the accessing device.  In a landscape where the user experience is an important signal in a website’s rankings, a dynamic, responsive site is not optional – it is a requirement.  The fact of the matter is, the mobile market share is growing, so we must ensure that the user’s site experience is just as good on a smartphone or tablet as it is on a laptop.

Responsive web design makes way for a modern web where mobile is becoming the dominant platform of access.

Content Marketing

web designersContent marketing is powerful form advertising.  Its aim is to earn a site natural traffic from the search engines on highly targeted, relevant search terms.  Traffic comes from users’ search queries, which means that, if content marketing efforts are done correctly, visitors to our site are already hot leads.  We gain these leads by releasing high quality articles centered around target keywords.

Content marketing naturally drives visitors to your site, visitors who are already in search of what your company is offering.

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Harmonic Web Solutions’ web designers know how to build impactful web spaces.  Let’s start a conversation and get you on board.

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