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web development agencyHWS is a web development agency that specializes in building powerful web spaces.  In the modern age, an effective web presence isn’t just a want – it’s a necessity.  In a world more reliant on the internet as its main source of information, online marketing becomes the most important form of advertising.  “Brick and mortar” style marketing campaigns certainly do not hurt, but they are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

We create online marketing machines for new and emerging businesses.  We create attractive and dynamic websites for our clients – however, we specialize in content marketing: the creation of unique and informative web content focused on keywords relevant to your industry.  This approach leads to targeted search engine indexing of our sites for profitable keywords and phrases.

WordPress Web Development

web development agencyWe develop our websites using WordPress, an open source framework.  Due to the fact that the core code of this platform is editable by anyone, a virtually unlimited number of implementations exist using it.  Its openness leads to a robust foundation capable of adjusting to the ever changing conditions of the web.  WordPress’s strategy has always been to accommodate the ideals of search engine companies.  Thus, it is is our platform of choice.

Content Marketing Strategy

web development agency

Our speciality is content marketing which, in our opinion, is the most powerful form of online marketing.  Content marketing focuses on the fact that organic search traffic comes naturally to websites that offer relevant, informative content.  Quality publications stay in place only until competitors knock them out with even better content.  We stay ahead of the curve with an attrition strategy: as long as we are consistently releasing good material, we’ll hold enough space to get us the business we need.  Google stays in business by offering its searchers quality websites in turn for their queries – we ride the coat tails of their strategy by being the creators of this quality .

Responsive Web Design

web development agencyA site’s “responsiveness” is its ability to accommodate varying screen resolutions by dynamically reformatting itself.  A responsive website enhances the user experience on mobile, the internet’s dominant device of access.  An enhanced user experience leads to visitors taking the actions we want them to: becoming customers or subscribing to our services.  However, sites optimized for mobile also get better attention from the search engines.

SEOSearch Engine Optimization

web development agencySEO is a set of principles that place a website in good position to rank for the keyword it showcases.  This isn’t as simple as just including our keyword of interest many times over.  Rather, we must create real, informative content around the keywords we select.  This has historically been Google’s way of distinguishing between real sites of quality versus spam sites trying to cheat the system.

Harmonic Web Solutions – A Web Development Agency

Join forces with our web development company and let’s grow together.  Your success is testament to the credibility of our firm; as such, your success is our success.