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Web Development CompanyHarmonic Web Solutions is a web development company capable of expanding your company’s reach with an effective online presence.

The Scope of Web Development

Web development is an array of practices: website design, content creation, logo design and search engine optimization.  An artful blend of these elements is essential to creating an impactful virtual space.

Web Design Services

Web Development CompanyWe develop with WordPress, a standard on the web.  WordPress is a robust platform, collaboratively created by a world-wide team of open-source developers.  It is known for its keen aesthetics, ease-of-use and search engine friendliness.  WordPress makes it easy for us to hand over your site upon project completion – you’ll be given a username and password and capable of making your own edits via a graphical user interface.

Content Creation

Web Development CompanyOrganic search marketing is our forte.  Marketing your site to be found by Google searchers means the consistent posting of keyword optimized, quality publications on your website.  Content marketing involves effective use of language to draw visitors and sell our products and services.  Our firm can field the keyword research and content creation leaving you time to focus on operating your business.

Logo Design Services

Web Development CompanyA summary emblem adds a touch of professionalism and boosts your company’s credibility.  The logos we create blend gracefully with the color and format of the websites on which they are featured.  A logo adds “tangibility” to your otherwise “abstract” services.

Search Engine Optimization Services

SEOWeb Development Company is the modification of a site to place it in the best position to rank for carefully selected keywords.  This is an essential feature of web development, as a site that is not discovered is worth very little to its owner.  Ideally, your site should be a data-field filled with keywords and phrases that match targeted leads to your business offerings.

Focus on Your business

Web development, properly implemented, is time and resource consuming.  Your business should be your main focus, so let our firm field your online marketing.

As your business grows, so does ours – our hope is that you partner and grow with us.

Other Features:

Web Development CompanyResponse Web Design

As the mobile marketshare grows, it becomes increasingly important that the sites we create are set to display well on these devices.  A “responsive” website dynamically adjusts to fit varying screen resolutions.  As such, these sites look just as good on mobile as they do on a desktop.  Google, in the interests of their end user, is offering rank-weight to sites that are mobile-ready.

Competition Analysis

Web Development CompanyIts helps to know what others businesses in our niche are doing.  We can analyze other websites in your field to get a better idea of what keywords they are using and which sites are linking to them.  This information can be used to put together a more effective marketing strategy.

Harmonic Web Solutions

Harmonic Web Solutions is a web development company keen on getting your business a slice of the ever-growing online market.  Let’s grow together.