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Harmonic Web Solutions is a web development firm capable of building or optimizing your company’s online presence.

The Importance of a Web Presence

web development firmThe fact remains that up to 85 percent of consumers will visit a website before making a purchase. Consumers, today, choose companies to do business with based on their online experience. Therefore, the appearance, utility and ease-of-use of your website are vital to expanding your business.

It is hard to imagine a successful company today that is without a robust online presence.  All companies worth their weight in salt are applying their resources to web marketing.  As the web becomes an unstoppable influence in our society, an old style, “brick and mortar” marketing approach is simply no longer effective.

Our Development Practices

Site Functionality

web development firmWebsites should be functional.  We develop our sites using WordPress, a powerful framework optimized to the ideal user-experience.  WordPress is freely edited and constructed by a team of world wide coders, and therein lies its power.  Fixes happen almost as fast as problems arise; this is due to the fact that there are many “cooks in the kitchen” actively monitoring WordPress’s functionality.  Gone are the days where systems are so proprietary they become vulnerable to hacks and fixes take forever to truly resolve bugs.

Integration Possibilities

web development firmDue to the openness of WordPress, our design platform of choice, many integrations are possible.  It is actually hard to conceive of a situation that does not have a viable solution by utilizing WordPress.  Therefore, we are able to create your site to do basically anything you need it to do – whatever implementation you can imagine would serve the interests of your business is probably possible using this platform.


web development firmSEO is the buzzword of the web marketing sphere.  Search engine optimization is the crafting of a site to be found from targeted search queries.  The real magic in effective SEO is the use of language.  You cannot stuff your website full of your target keywords and expect any effect.  No, that is not in the interests of bolstering the web searchers experience.  Google, to further its goals, offers relevant and quality results to queries.  Therefore, our goal is to create good content around our target keywords.  With a modern search engine algorithm, this is the only way to succeed in the space.

Site Responsiveness

web development firmWe create all of our sites to be responsive.  A site with responsive coding means a site that dynamically shifts its formatting to display well on different screen resolutions.  A responsive site will look good when accessed from a computer – a responsive site will look just as good when accessed from mobile.  This is accomplished via coded dynamics.  More of the internet is accessed from mobile as opposed to desktop.  As such, mobile readiness is paramount.  Google reports offering search ranking boosts to sites that are optimizing their sites for mobile viewing.

Other Considerations

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We are committed to communication with our clients.  The only way we are going to be able to create what you desire is to listen intently and question appropriately.  The more information you are able to provide us about your vision, the more we will have to work with.

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Analytical Data

You will be instructed on how to access your site’s statistics.  This is data you’re definitely going to want at your disposal, as it is a strong indicator of how well your marketing strategy is working.  This data can also act as motivation, as you will be able to see your progress in action.

Harmonic Web Solutions – A Web Development Firm to Grow With

Come grow with us!  The best situation is to allow you to keep doing exactly what you do, and we will field the marketing aspects of your business.

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