Web Development Services by Harmonic Web Solutions

web development servicesHarmonic Web Solutions offers web development services for businesses looking to expand their space on the world wide web.  The internet has already taken the world by storm and has made its way into every corner of our lives; therefore, it makes absolute sense to use it as a vehicle for marketing.

We specialize in SEO, WordPress development, content creation and logo design.

Our Services

SEO Services

web development servicesSEO services are available to help optimize your site’s keyword field.  Google’s algorithm ties various keywords and phrases together to help define context.  Aside from using our target keywords in the obvious places, like titles and headers, we need to include them amongst relevant, supporting content.  Google’s site crawler is searching for content, so if your site has little, your ranking potential is low.  Search engine algorithms have evolved greatly in the last 10 years; as such, the content we include on our pages must be of quality and edifying to our user.

WordPress Web Development Services

web development servicesWe build sites with WordPress, an open source platform.  WordPress websites are highly functional, responsive and search engine ready.  Additionally, they are extremely easy to maintain and edit.  Building with the platform simplifies the process of handing over sites to our clients.  Once your site is complete, you will be able to use WordPress to update it as you see fit.  This way, your site is fully in your control after project completion.

Content Creation Services

web development servicesContent creation is one of our speciality services.  Unique content is a must on your site if you anticipate getting traffic from search engines.  We create content for clients as scalable subscription plans.  We write publications useful in building your site’s keyword field but also for boosting your brand’s credibility.  All articles we create will automatically be posted to your blog making this a true set-and-forget service.

Logo Design Services

web development servicesA custom crafted logo comes with our web development plan.  However, we also offer stand-alone logo design if that is all you need.  A professional logo is a must for any website – it communicates credibility and creates tangibility for your brand.  The logo we create will blend naturally with the format and color scheme of your site.

Team up With HWS

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