As a blogger, you should have your site set up to allow interested readers an easy path to become subscribers.  This can be accomplished with the implementation of “web push notifications” and sticky email collection forms on your site.

Making the Best Use of your Blog Traffic

Every hit matters to your site.  You don’t want to wait until your blog is getting heavy traffic to start growing a subscriber base.  In your blog’s infancy period, it is all the more important to gain a following, because, at this stage, it’s all you’re going to have – to reach your goals without a loyal base, your publications would have to be well indexed and ranked by Google to get the sheer stand-alone traffic needed.  Since, early on, you won’t have this, you can compensate by making the best use of the traffic that you are getting.  You’ll want to seamlessly turn your blog visitors into subscribers.  That way, even without the huge traffic, you know your blog is being read by people who have some interest in it.  This is a good start.

2 Methods to Secure Blog Subscribers

Web Push Notifications

Across the web, what is becoming increasingly popular is the implementation of web push notifications.  Have you ever visited a site and were asked if it would be allowed to share notifications with you?  These notifications are called web push notifications.  You may even be subscribed now to sites that you have an interest in.  This type of notification system is built right into the browser and, as such, is very effective.  Every time you make a new post to your blog, all subscribers are alerted to it within their browsers.  This is a rather seamless way to turn passing visitors into subscribers.

This is fairly easy to implement on websites, especially if you are using WordPress.  There is a free plugin called OneSignal that makes this really easy.  However, there is something to note:

If your site is not secured with SSL, these notifications require an extra step from the visitor to allow them to become a subscriber.  In the age of speed and access, this extra step is going to turn readers off, especially because, at some point, it takes them away from the page’s main content.

This can be solved by simply purchasing an SSL certificate for your site, and then, if using WordPress, implementing the Really Simple SSL plugin to ensure all readers are on the HTTPS version of the site.  Implementing SSL on your site is good practice anyway, with Google reporting that they are giving rankings boosts to sites that have it.

Only after your site is SSL secure will OneSignal allow you to put up site notifications that only require one step from the user and won’t take them away from the main page.

Sticky Email Capture

You will want to implement a simple email collection form that is prominently displayed on your blog.  This can be done by putting it in a sticky sidebar, one that stays visible on the screen even when a visitor scrolls down through content.

This is simple, non-invasive and doesn’t slow browsers down like dynamic ads do.  Subscribers who like your writing are going to enjoy getting email updates from you.

If using WordPress, Jetpack has a simple widget that makes this possible.  Once a visitor subscribes in this way, they will get an email every time you make a new post on your blog.


Your subscriber base is more valuable than your typical web traffic.  This is because subscribers have already made a small commitment to your site.  Because you are not getting organic traffic early on, you may be opting in to forms of paid traffic – when utilizing paid traffic, you are going to want to make sure to have these subscriber capture methods implemented as to make the best use of your money.

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