Harmonic Web Solutions is a Website Company

website companyWe are a website company that creates professional business websites to build or enhance our clients’ online personae.  Your web site, ideally, will adequately communicate the message of your business.  Your message is your products and services, yes, but there are other “intangible” messages that we should be sending with our sites: we should also be sending signals to our readers that signal our core values.

There’s no need to get far too esoteric here: you need your future clients and customers to trust you.  Trust is a process that takes time, but enough can be gathered from a “first glance” to create a visitor’s perception of our companies.  Therefore, an important factor in online business development is to transmute the values of your company and work them into your website – at least to the best of your ability.

A digital artform

This can be an art in and of itself: connecting “somewhat intangibles” to “totally intangibles” – somewhat being digital tools and totally being core values.  While the color “dark blue” and a font make an attempt to signal value, conversely, reliability and “outside-the-box thinking” can be introduced in word, image, color and form.

SEO Suite: Word, Image, Color and Form


Contentwebsite company competes for the position of “strongest” SEO factor.  This is because content serves dual purposes:

-Search Engine Indexing

Content helps search engines create an algorithmically defined, intellectual keyword map to best guide interested parties to you.  The best engine is, obviously, Google, because they’re really good at creating these maps and, therefore, returning relevant search results.  Using the power of keywords, your site’s content with be efficiently and appropriately indexed as it ages.  This will tighten the targeting of visitors who find you through organic search.

-Communicating our Values

There is little to say here.  You’ve been communicating with words as a child.  You should certainly leverage words to convey what it is you want to convey.

Word is an effective tool in communicating values.


website companyWord is not the end-all be-all.  Staring at blocks of texts can be daunting and cumbersome.  That is why your digital text should be contrasted with pleasant imagery.  Yet, that is not to distract away from cumbersome text but rather to define and clarify it.  This way, users will find it a joy to read your text because the message is well communicated via accompanying imagery.

Image contrasts and clarifies.


Color is another way we communicate value.  Color is an entire realm of sense understanding.  Therefore, we should always give thought to the colors we include on our sites.  Colors should be harmonious.  It should create a calm setting and not distract from the site’s overall message.

Color sets the stage.


What do we communicate with form?  You may think that a flawless, perfectly square site is the trick.  Not necessarily!  You really need to make an assessment of what you and your target audience value.  An overly pristine site could signal pomp, and this turns a lot of people off.   Yet, in some genres, that’s exactly what the audience is looking for.

Form can communicate anything.

Our Website Company

We would like to have a conversation with you about your vision and your values.  Hopefully we can design a website for you that coincides with them.