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website design companyWe are a website design company.  We offer comprehensive marketing and development packages aimed at securing better online exposure for your business.

For aesthetics and professionalism, your website is built to be attractive and functional. 

For exposure, unique content is written and posted to your site to secure it a place in search engine search results; these publications are centered around keywords and phrases of your choosing.

Your Site Looks Good and is Functional

I want to spend my money here:

website design companyAn attractive site is about qualification and is the front line of a marketing campaign.  Visitors won’t get far into your pitch if what they see is making their “don’t trust” flags go off.  This is exactly why your site needs to look awesome, and all the little details do matter.  The internet is a place of laser focus and instant accessibility; if you don’t grab their attention right away, you’ve lost them.

Now, we are not advocating using gimmick marketing. 

Rather, if we spend time polishing the edges, this is something people notice and appreciate right away.  The rationale is that if you’ve worked so hard on your site, you will work at least somewhat hard for your customer.  Think about the companies you like doing business with.  How are they marketing themselves?  What are they expressing in their media?  Why do I trust this company?  Flipping this line of questioning around is how we develop effective marketing strategies.

Our website design company aims to communicate competency and reliability in your website’s design.

This site is easy to use:

website design companyThis is yet another trust building facet – a great user experience is a qualifier of our brand.  We want to avoid all of the obvious pitfalls of a “bad” site.  We’re talking a site that is overloaded with advertisements and slows your entire machine down.  We’re talking a site that is busy, gaudy and discordant.  We’re talking a site the leads you everywhere and nowhere.

You want your site to be relatively light-weight and easy to navigate.  You want your site to look just as good on a mobile phone as it does on your laptop.  You want to communicate competency, effectiveness and purposefulness, as these are the traits customers are looking for in a brand.

Your site’s functionality should communicate the overall professionalism of your brand.

Your Site is Indexed and Ranked by Search Engines

website design companyNow we move past the visual aspect of marketing to the more abstract, language based aspect.  Artful use of language has always been a staple in effective marketing.  Yet, in modern times, this stands on a new level in light of search engines and organic search marketing.

Language is not only useful as a qualification tool, it is also useful as a search engine marketing tool.  Keywords and key phrases are everything on the web.  Keywords are what search engine algorithms are looking for when attempting to determine your site’s purpose and index it accordingly.  Yet, search engines have greatly evolved in the last 10 years.  Google, the master of search, has updated their algorithm considerably in the interests in boosting up sites of quality and pushing down sites that aren’t.

website design companySearch engines examine context.  They expect a site’s keywords to match with relevant content.  They examine a site’s “keyword field,” which matches contextual phrases together.  They expect a site promoting web design to have the phraseology found on other authoritative web design sites.

So what’s the method then?

The method is to write quality articles surrounding target keywords as the proper alternative to stuffing your site full of keywords.  Our website design company is capable of creating this content for you and posting it on your behalf.

Check out our own blog to see what content marketing looks like.

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