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website design servicesHarmonic Web Solutions offers website design services purposed to expand your company’s exposure on the world wide web.  As the internet has moved its way into most facets of our every day lives, bringing your business there is a very natural move.

We help companies make a strong move in.

WordPress Website Development

website design servicesWe create our websites exclusively with WordPress, a platform that outputs functional, aesthetically pleasing and search engine ready web pages.  WordPress is great for the developer as it is built in an open source format leading to thousands upon thousands of easily implementable solutions.  It is great for the end user as its graphical user interface makes it possible for the less-than-tech-friendly to make edits.  For this reason, WordPress simplifies the process of passing our sites over upon project completion.

Search Engine Optimization

website design servicesWe want our websites to be discovered.  While there are many ways to expand our sites’ exposure using paid advertising channels, we specialize in the “organic route.”  The organic route is taken by building our site in such a way that favors for its indexing by search engines.  Keyword targeting is the method in this avenue.

The first step is to do research as to what popular searches are being made that fall in line with what our business offers.  We find the most searched for terms first and start there.  Then, we slowly work our way down into less popular yet still relevant phrases.  We create a unique article for every one of those search terms.  This way, our exposure is maximized on all terms that match up with our services.

Once a page is ranking in search results for a particular keyword or phrase, it remains a static source of traffic for us.  The only thing that threatens it is competitors who may be creating more relevant, higher quality content to those phrases.  To mitigate the risk of being knocked out, it is good practice to constantly release quality material on your website.

Logo Design

website design servicesLogo design goes hand and hand with web design.  Your logo should blend gracefully with the scheme of your website yet, at the same time, clearly communicate your company’s purpose.  A logo does not have to be overly elaborate, but it should, at the very least, be well though out – this is an emblem that could last years with your business, so it should not be an afterthought.

HWS’s Services for your Online Expansion

Our website design services are a great source for your web marketing needs.  Let us field this crucial aspect while you focus on running your business.

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