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website developer…hire a website developer from Harmonic Web Solutions to build your company’s website. 

We have the know-how to create you a flexible, professional and attractive online presence.  HWS will field your company’s engagement on this vital advertising channel which, as a result, will leave you free to focus on running your business.

Why is an excellent website so important in the modern era?

website developer…why does it matter?

Due to the fact that the internet has become so widespread and has many applications, it only makes sense to build thoughtful virtual business spaces here.  Internet access has seen an explosion of availability and utility due to the advent of the smartphone – now, the “web” is on our pockets at all times.  The more easily accessible the internet becomes due to advances of technology, the more “brick and mortar” style advertising becomes irrelevant.

The web is a powerful influencer.

website developer…all the more reason to bring your business here.

Major players in the game have pull in the web sphere.  They know how effective SEO, content marketing and paid forms of advertising are.

With which methods can you pull influence on the web?

…once your website is developed, how is it found?

SEO Writing

website developerSEO Writing is, in the opinion of this author, the superior advertising method for a website.  SEO writing, or content marketing, involves the consistent posting of unique, quality and relevant articles to your site.  Search engines, constantly on the prowl for excellent content to serve their web searchers, will eventually find your content and index it.

Your content should be keyword rich to ensure that search engines index your site appropriately.  The content should also be quality, as its alternate purpose is to promote your brand.  With enough quality content on a domain that has grown in authority, your site will be found naturally by already interested parties.  Depending on the industry you are in, this is a process that can take as a short as 6 months, or as long as several years.

Content marketing is a forward looking business strategy that makes sacrifices now for prosperity later.  Content marketing is a site equity building activity.

Paid Advertising

website developerPaid forms of advertising can be immediately effective but financially draining if not executed conservatively.  Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Craigslist are a few paid advertising channels.  These channels are effective for getting your business immediate exposure and landing your very first online leads, sales and/or clients.

While these channels do work, we have to make sure that your business is making profit from the money you are spending on them.

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