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Website services are offered by our firm to build new and update existing websites for businesses.  Our website services include the development of new, WordPress based websites and the creation of unique, keyword-centered site-content for SEO purposes.

WordPress Websites

Open Source System

website servicesWe create using WordPress, which is an entirely open-source web development framework.  Developing using WordPress ensures that your data is showcased in the best way possible.  WordPress sites are very flexible, as it is within WordPress’s own, open-source network that you are able to find countless implementation options, all scored by a network of world-based authors.  The flexibility and openness of this platform actually makes it quite robust.

WordPress authors are right on the pulse.  Changes do happen and systems must adapt if they are to survive.  The models of times past, with the hard-locking, proprietization of code have changed.  What would seem to be counter-intuitive: open code being more robust than private code, the evidence strongly suggests that it is true.

Ok: Open = Robust.  But: Open = Profitable?

The above begs the question: how can you make a profit in an inherently open community? 

Is there “honor among thieves?”  In an open community, you’re rarely forced to pay for something, there are always free versions of basically everything and, if you’re a coder, you always have access to code.  Yet, the appreciators of this open community typically feel dutiful to provide some reward to the code-creating entities who provided a spring-board to their own successes.  In the same way, these entities respected the ones who first bestowed knowledge on them.

That is the crux of the system.  It’s with a sense of sharing that we come.  It doesn’t mean you work for free per-se, but that you believe in the innate intelligence of this system.  The system, a collective intelligence, works, quite frankly, much more efficiently than a small team and exponentially better than a lone individual.  Greater connectedness means more opportunities to find and to be found.  And, as the saying ends: “safety in numbers.”

The open source network named WordPress is our development protocol.  The whole purpose for using this platform is so we can focus on:

SEO Content Marketing

Word Marketing

website servicesThe network has provided us with a powerful framework, leaving it entirely in our power to use our native language to communicate ideas across cyberspace.  The necessary machine code is taken care of via the backbone of WordPress.  So, from this point on, our marketing procedure lies, in large part, in the realm of language.

The internet is a world of information.  Our website becomes the creation of a hierarchical language structure, of which search engines come to understand.  One of the core tenets of web content creation is the use of headers.  Headers are small code tags placed on the beginning and end of a line of text to categorize and contextualize it.

Language in Hierarchy

For example, the <h1> tag, heading 1, sends a message to search engines that the enclosed provides summary language of which no other texts on that particular page, expect other H1’s, can exceed in importance; in fact, it is in this way that H1’s actually help us to define a page’s informational theme.  H2’s would be sub-points of H1’s, and H3’s are sub-point of H2’s.  The hierarchy moves down in decreasing levels of importance to the subject, or H1 points, as H2, H3, H4, H5, H6.

These structures must be logical, as it is easy for search engine algorithms to see a webmaster unnecessarily stuffing H1’s.  Keyword stuffing breaks the whole logical structure of this hierarchy, which, by its nature, must contain a variety and density of less important, medium important and very important phrases.  This is in similarity to our own language structure which aims to categorize and contextualize information to clarify meaning: whenever we’re trying to strengthen an argument, it always behooves us to introduce related ideas to support or provide contrast to our main point.

Keeping Everything in Context

website services

The heading system lets us us broadcast these systems to the search engines to they can properly index and contextualize our content.  Using this structure, intelligent search engine algorithms are able to draw a very interesting, very unique map of a website’s content.  As language is arranged in a logical structure, Google maps this to help get your site in front of people who are looking for it.  The more of this data your site offers to be arranged, the more well-understood your site’s message will be to search engines.

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