In the search engine optimization world, “long tail keywords” are niche specific, three or more word keyword phrases.  Targeting long tail keywords is an excellent strategy if your business happens to serve a specific niche in a local area.

The Advantages to Optimizing a Site with Long Tail Keywords

As a proven generality, the longer the keyword phrase, the less competition exists for it.  This means that genre specific entities will be able to get their pages ranked much faster and more easily as opposed to broad match terms.

I will give you a few examples as case studies from sites I have built for family members.


Genre: Goat Sales | Keyword Target: “Goats for Sale in NJ

This is my father’s website.  He has a dairy goat farmette in NJ and was looking to use his site to find interested buyers of the goats that he breeds.  Now, as you can imagine, we had a very easy time with this, as “goats for sale in NJ” is a very specific term in an extremely specific niche.

We created a 6 page site that is attractive, provides information and has media.  I specifically created an “SEO purposes only” landing page called “Goats for Sale in NJ” with the url “/goats-for-sale-in-NJ” off of the root domain.  As planned, this is the page of the site that is ranked on page one when you type that search term in Google.  As his site was built on a brand new domain, this took between 6 months to 1 year for us to achieve.  Now, as must be true with genre specific phrases, his traffic is not huge.  There simply aren’t enough people punching in that search term.  Yet, for what his resources can handle against demand for his baby goats, our SEO strategy has worked perfectly.  He gets just enough interested clients to keep his farmette running.

What do we take away from this?  If you are in a generally un-competitive niche, you can have relatively quick success with search engine marketing.


Genre: Painting | Keyword Target: “*Varying Painting Specific Keywords*”

This is my brother’s web site.  He has a painting company in NJ and was looking to use his site to land painting contracts and expand his painting business.  Now, while “painting companies in NJ” is a long tail keyword, more competition exists for it, as it is a more common trade.

Now, my brother’s idea was to create long tail keywords based on the different painting services he offers.  Rather than hitting this thing bluntly and over optimizing “painting in NJ,” Brian’s idea was to disperse his keyword targeting across many long tail niche phrases.  So he hired me to create an article for each of the phrases he came up with that matched to services he was capable of offering.  Examples of some of that we used are “Church Painting NJ,” “Electrostatic Painting in NJ,” “Apartment Complex Painting,” “Fireproof Coating NJ” so on and so forth.  This worked so well because the more specific we got, the easier it became to earn high rankings for the phrase.

The result?  Now NJ has a large painting market, so it took a bit more than a year to achieve results.  But, our overall strategy was extremely effective.  Now, my brother gets most of his painting business straight from his website and has achieved the success he was aiming for.


Genre: Pinstriping | Keyword Target: “Pinstriping in NJ, NJ Pinstriping and variants”

This is another of my father’s sites which represents his bread and butter business.  He has a car pinstriping service in NJ and wanted to gain clients from his website.  It should be noted that while “NJ Pinstriping” is a two word phrase, the small competition that exists for it qualifies it, in my eyes, as a niche phrase.

If you visit his site in its current form, you will see that it is very light weight.  It is one page, has a bio, some media and his contact information.  Where’s the magic here?  Well, the magic is that this was all that was needed to get him in the position to gain new clients each month from it.  This site is an interesting study in that, it doesn’t get a ton of impressions on Google search, yet, the people that do search for NJ pinstripers are very likely to click through to his site.  He has some of the lowest organic search impressions out of any site that I maintain, yet he has the highest click through rate!  His business is very unique, so, from a search engine optimization point of view, this has worked wonders for us.

The Lesson?  If a Long Tail Keyword Phrase will Benefit Your Business, be Sure to Target It

If you’re looking to start a business, I hope this article helps you realize that the more creative the nature of your business is, the easier it becomes to achieve results via organic search.

This article should not discount the use of broad match keywords, but it should be noted that broad match keywords are very competitive.  It is an altogether smarter strategy for those with limited resources to make clever use of long tail keywords.

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