WordPress Jetpack – A Powerful Way to Optimize Your Network

wordpress jetpackJetpack is a powerful WordPress plugin that gives you real time statistical data on all domains that you control.  Premium features include automated site data backup and a way to automatically share your blog posts out to your social network.

Growing Your Network

wordpress jetpackThe power of this tool really dawned on me the other day.  As a web developer, all domains you control are probably linking back to your own.  The way authority is dolled out by search engines is by measuring the quantity of inbound links to your site from other authoritative sites.  That means it is in your best interests to improve the quality of sites in your control.  This will improve your relationships with clients, improve their sites’ authority and, in turn, improve the quality of your own.

A Bird’s Eye View

I have all my sites listed in jetpack.  Each day, I’m able to see the sites that are performing as well as the ones that are lacking in traffic.  As a web developer, my relationship with clients is vital to my reputation and success.  With this tool, I get a chance to see how my marketing efforts for each site are paying off.  I came to realize that this is an awesome tool to improve your own site’s authority.  You get this exponential snowballing effect happen when sites you control start doing well.

Use Jetpack to Know Where to Apply Your Resources

wordpress jetpackIf you have 10 of your sites listed in Jetpack, and you see that 2 are underperforming, you know where to apply your work.  The really cool thing about being a webmaster is that all work you do for clients has this nice win-win aspect to it.  As their businesses grow, so do their resources.  The more resources they control, the more their domain authority grows.  When you find your site linked to from a healthy list of authoritative sources, your search rankings go up.  Use this tool!