Harmonic Web Solutions’ WordPress Website Design Service

wordpress website designWordPress website design is a service our web development agency offers.  WordPress is a efficacious and robust platform that is powering a large portion of today’s web.  We have chosen to use this platform exclusively to create impactful web spaces that scale with your business.

What makes a WordPress site so awesome?

WordPress is Open Source

wordpress website designWordPress is built “open-source,” which means that its backend code is available to anyone to edit.  This formats strongly contrasts with the proprietary code format of yesteryear – Microsoft products are a good example of this.  This freely available code has lead to a a robust framework – because its core code is available for edit by a worldwide team of creators as opposed to a core group, bug fixes are fast and effective.

Open source is quite the buzz nowadays.  Other examples of successful open source platforms are Wikipedia, everyone’s favorite, user-created web encyclopedia and Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency.

The idea behind open source is this: by not putting all of our eggs in one basket trusting a small team of creators, we know our websites are going to hold up no matter what variables inevitably get thrown in the mix.

By building your website with WordPress, we ensure its last-ability in an ever-changing online landscape.

WordPress is Highly Functional Yet Easy to Use

wordpress website designThe use of WordPress is a win-win for us and our clients.  Due to its open nature, the unique site solutions we can implement using it are practically without limit.  Yet clients are always looking for something that they can call their own – they don’t necessarily want to be tied to a web development agency for the rest of their lives.  WordPress mitigates this by being extremely easy to use for professional and layman alike.  Its graphical user interface allows for the easy addition and modification of content.

To implement popular solutions like online shopping carts, subscription forms, contact forms, data collection, CRM implementations and countless others, webmasters are able to access WordPress’ gigantic, user created plugin repository.

Your WordPress site is yours.  You will have the power to modify it as you see fit, with or without the help of the web design firm that built it.

Get on Board

Harmonic Web Solutions is a WordPress website design company to partner with.  Your success is ours, so come join our network and let’s grow together.

Let’s use WordPress to build your brand.